All About Me

This is my little family. 

Welcome to my life...

Before I met my husband I was a single mom trying to do the best I could do for my daughter. She became my world in 2008 when she was born and I have been a proud momma every since. After I met my husband, I gained another daughter who is amazing and together we make our little family. 

I was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana. Just to give you an idea of my big family... it conists of:
- 2 brothers, 2 sister in laws
- 10 nieces and nephews
- 10 aunts and uncles
- 32 first cousins
- 26 second cousin
- 8 third cousins

 ... I grew up in a small town and when I was 19, I decided to move to Washington state. I visited once and fell in love with the amazing beauty of the mountains and the ocean... 

I have been married once before my current husband. We had our daughter and then we separated and got divorced. One of the hardest struggles in my life!!! My life changed when I had my daughter and then forever changed when I met my husband in 2010. It is absolutely amazing when you find the one God placed in your life and things seem to fall into place. He truly loves every part of me and it shows in the way he treats me and loves me.

We are all truly blessed to have each other and I look forward to watching our girls grow up while sitting beside my husband along this journey we call life!

Things that I love:
~ Watching movies and tv shows
~ PINTEREST for giving me great ideas
~ Cooking and baking
~ Crafting: making cards, envelopes, scrapbooks, journaling, etc.
~ Swapbot is my new favorite place to go... I get to meet great people and I have met some of my pen pals from there. Its a super fun place to interact with all kinds of people.

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