Monday, October 12, 2020


The kiddo is a huge fan of K-POP. She has been a fan for over the past year. It is cute. She loves them. 

Lately, I have been having her with me when I go to work because of COVID. I told her when she is with me she can select the music we listen to. Most of the time it is K-Pop. She either listens to the group BTS or Stray Kids. Lately it has been more Stray Kids. 

Today she asked me if I was humming along to one of the songs. I was. It's catchy, I just don't know the words to most of the songs. She says... that's awesome. And the smile on her face made my day great. It's the little things in life that make my heart happy. This is one of them. Letting her listen to her K-Pop and having a great time with her is priceless. I won't get this time back. So, I am going to enjoy ever second I can. And if that means, dancing along and singing/sometimes humming, so be it. 

Stray Kids are above and BTS is below...

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