Monday, September 28, 2020

Somebody Stop Me... I'm SMOKIN!

 Well... I got a new toy!
It is a Cricut. I had one before, but it was an older model and it did not work with the online program. So, I got a newer model and I absolutely LOVE it.

I am having so much fun making things. The biggest thing I am making right now is face masks. I am not selling them for profit. I have no interest to make money off my friends and family. I am just asking that they pay for the supplies I use and the postage if I have to ship them. It is so much fun creating these for people. 

I just ordered some vinyl to be able to make car decals and I am so so so excited for those sheets. I have so much to learn with my new toy, but I think I am doing pretty great so far. 

Check out a few masks I made for myself.

I made this mask to use for the Suicide Walk my friend and I do every year. It is to remember my cousins who I lost to suicide. It turned out so good! I love it. 

And then a few for fun... The Saints one to support my team and the Jack Skellington one to wear when it gets closer to October. I mean... so fun!

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