Thursday, September 17, 2020

Out there making memories...

I took a week off work this summer. We didn't have any plans really, I just needed some time off. My parents were suppose to come up this summer, but thanks to COVID that did not happen. Leaving me with extra vacation days...

The first day of my vacation I decided to get the girls up early and take a road trip. We left and headed to Ruby Beach. That was our first stop. We of course made a stop at Dutch Bro's for them to get a delicious beverage. 

We made it to Ruby Beach. And boy was I super thankful that we decided to go to this beach. It was absolutely AMAZING. There was so much beauty there, it was breath taking. We stayed there for a few hours before we headed to Forks. 

We finally got to Forks and went around looking at all the Twilight places. The girls seemed like they had a fun time. They even got them a Forks sweatshirt. 

On the way home, we stopped at Crescent Lake. This was Isa's favorite place of the trip. It is so beautiful and the water is so awesome.

We got home a little before 6 pm. What a wonderful day we had. I let the girls play music the entire trip and they LOVED that. All and all, it was a great road trip with my girls!

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