Thursday, September 24, 2020

Hurricane Laura

Because 2020 is not stressful enough, let's throw in a few hurricane's to make it a little more stressful. 

Hurricane Laura hit Southwest Louisiana on August 27th as a category 4. She hit my home town of Sulphur, Louisiana head on. She came in with wind gusts of 137 miles per hour. She was the strongest hurricane to hit the gulf coast in over 164 years. It was also the 10th strongest US hurricane to make landfall. 

There were 27th deaths in the state of LA and over 8.7 billion dollars in damages.

My brothers just got power on in the last week. One aunt got it back 2 weeks ago, and the other family members are still waiting. Even though the power is back on, there is no internet. 

I have seen pictures and just can't believe all the damage that was done down there. If you want to see what a hurricane 4 was like, watch this video here. It shows what it was like to be in the hurricane throughout the whole night and then shows the damage that was around the city. 

And not even 2 weeks later and Hurricane Sally is about to hit the Eastern side of Louisiana. Feels a lot like 2005 just in reverse. Can the gulf coast please just get a break after this one? We need to get all the roofs on the homes fixed up before a big storm comes through again...

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