Thursday, September 3, 2020

10 Commandments for Work

What are your 10 commandments for your job?

In honor of my 20 years in the insurance industry, I figured I would share some of my wisdom. Here are 10 things that are important to me and that I follow each and every day.

  1. Always be courteous. 
  2. No matter how upset the customer is, always listen to their concern. They are upset for a reason. 
  3. Do your best every day. 
  4. Give 100%.
  5. Make sure to check your work. You might be experienced and have been doing this for 20 years, but you still can make mistakes. 
  6. Remember to smile. A smile can go a long way.
  7. Don't forget where you came from. Use your manners and always be respectful. 
  8. Do your best to be kind. Kindness is something that should never be forgotten. 
  9. Never let anyone walk all over you. 
  10. Be happy. Life is too short to not be happy!

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