Thursday, August 13, 2020

Next Vacation

My next big vacation, I would love it to be in Louisiana. My parents and I usually rotate what years we travel. We went last year so they were suppose to come this year... however... COVID happened and that is not happening this year. My mom is considered high risk, so I completely get it.

We will probably not see them until 2021, but I would love to go see them.

Because that is not realistic this year... I would like to take a few day trips with the girls. Our first day trip will be to do the Twilight Tour in Forks, WA. We can do that, while social distancing. I made the list of our route already...

We will get up around 6 am and head out with food in tow. We will stop at the places below in order:
- Ruby Beach - I have never been here and it is so close to La Push so we will hit this up first in the morning to be able to get out and enjoy our time at a new place.
- Forks - we will hit up all the locations for the Twilight Tour.
- La Push - if this is open. If not, we will skip this time around. We plan to go down the road and rent a cabin with the girls.
- Sol Duc Falls - we will see about this as well. It is so beautiful, but we will play this one by how the girls are feeling...
- Lake Crescent
- Port Angeles
- Hit up anywhere else we can find to have fun...

We are watching the Twilight movies now to prepare for our girls trip and I can not wait. We are doing this in less than a week and we can't wait... Woo hoo!

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