Thursday, May 28, 2020

How to be a real and true friend?

I have learned over the years that each and every friend you have, has a family of their own. They have a life of their own and as you get older, your friendship changes. Being a real and true friend is staying in touch. Checking in when it has been a few days. Making sure they are doing okay. And then enjoying dinner together when we can make the time together. Celebrating each and every family member when it's their birthday... enjoying holiday's together when we have no other plans and can make it work. 

A real true friend never gives up on their friend. They are honest and tell you things you don't always want to hear. They love unconditionally and they are always there. They will drop anything to help you if needed. 

I have definitely found some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for. God has definitely played a part in bringing these people into my life when I needed them. And over the years they have proven how true and real they can be. I hope that I am proving that to them each and every day. 

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