Monday, May 25, 2020

Describe your dream house...

You know what... I always grew up thinking about what I wanted in my dream house. But, you know... the older I get, I have learned to realize that it doesn't matter what the house looks like inside and out. What is important is the family that is inside the house. 

We moved into our HOME April 4th. It definitely isn't my dream house, but you know what... it's my husband's dream. He has always wanted this house. 

We have been living here for going on 2 months next week and it is perfect for us. I might not like some things, but those things we can update down the road to what we like

We are slowly doing things here and there to get it updated to what we want. It will take time, but I love living here with my family. I love the peace I now have in our home. I love how much safer I feel living here. It's great and I feel extremely blessed. 

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