Thursday, May 21, 2020

Are you hosting any upcoming events?

I am not the host of the 6 events, but together with my volunteer team, we are putting on 6 different Gathering training events for our MOPS leaders and moms. 

As the Volunteer for our area, we find the churches who will host our event and then we get there the day of the event and we put the event on. Together we have breakouts and are in charge of each breakout and then we help set up and break down the location. 

Our goal is to make sure we create a great training for each and every one of our ladies that comes. We have 11 team members and between us we usually go to 2 events each. I will be doing our event in Enumclaw and Gig Harbor with 2-3 of our other coaches. I am so excited to welcome these ladies to our Gathering and I am praying that they get so much out of each and every one of our training.

My job as support is to create each and every event registration and then post it live to our Facebook group. Then I print out the registration sheets and send them to each lady who will print them for each event. And then I log each and every one of the ladies who attends into our MOPS system. 

Our year has been a bit different with the Coronavirus. We have done all our events through a Zoom room and it has been different, but great to see all the smiling faces!


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