Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Day 32

The days are flying by, or so they seem to... The kiddo is back there working her little heart out. Some days her work is easy and she flies through it and some days she has hard days. But she is doing her best and that is all that I can ask for. This is such a hard time for all the kiddos. 

We have moved into our house and are finally unpacked. We have 1 room left to unpack boxes, but it is mostly my husband's stuff, so we will get to that eventually. We have time before we can show people our house, so he has time to figure out where he wants everything to go. 

Here are a few resources for y'all. Things I think you could use for the little kiddos or things that are interesting to watch. Enjoy!

Dolly Parton singing Sweet Music Man by Kenny Rogers. Check it out here.

Disney launched a website full of fun and engaging Disney content, stories and resources all for free. Check out the site here.

Harry Potter fans, you can take classes here. I have not checked it out, but it looks interesting. 

One of my favorite remakes of Hallelujah. This is the remake for Easter. I love it and the Christmas one as well. Here is the Easter version. 

Why not watch Robin Williams helping Martha Stewart cook. I laughed a lot. He was so hilarious. Watch it here.

Watch Kevin Hart talk about his fear of all animals. This guy is a trip. Watch it here.

Dolly Parton is so funny. She has a poem for us. Check it out here.

That is all I have for you today. Stay safe y'all and do something that makes you smile today. 

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