Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Day 24

Well, they called it yesterday. School will not resume the remainder of this year. The kids will continue to do online learning to end out the school year. My kiddo is so sad. She really misses her friends and her teachers.

She is at her dad's this week for Spring Break. So, there is nothing really to share on the schooling side for now. 

Last night we went to the plex (our old duplex) to get our big flat screen TV that we have in our living room. With that still in the plex, I was so nervous with us not being there. We were able to load up my car with as much stuff around it so it was safe on the ride to our new home. We unloaded our car and then grabbed dinner and a few things at Walgreen's that we needed. I can't find my band aides and we have cut ourselves during the move. We will find it soon. The husband put up our bedroom TV and got all that connected. I unpacked 5 reusable grocery bags filled with stuff. I organized my shoes that we brought over and then washed some dishes by hand. Yep... old school. The new house does not have a dishwasher. Once day we will add one, but until then... it is old school hand washing. We were done after that. I even fell asleep last night WITHOUT turning on our noise machine. That NEVER happens. This place is so quiet and I feel so much safer in this home than the last. I haven't slept this good in a very long time. 

Today's agenda is to go grab our TV stand shelves because they are glass. I will load up what I can and head home to unload boxes. Today is a chill day before the rest of this week's work. 

Tomorrow, Abe and I will head to the plex and pack as much as we can into our cars. We are so close to having everything out of the unit. We will move all that still needs to go to our new home, to the garage. Once our cars are packed and the house is empty of our stuff, we will head home to unpack and do what needs to be done there. 

Thursday I am off work. I am going to go to the plex and patch the nail holes in the walls, clean the unit, paint the 5 colored walls we have and then pack my car with what still needs to go to our house. By the end of this day, hopefully I will be done painting and cleaning. That way on Saturday we can make runs all day until the garage is finally empty and we can turn in our keys. 

Busy busy next few days, but so ready to be done with the plex so we can focus on the new home and getting all the boxes unpacked and things to be where they need to go so we can enjoy it more... Right now, we are enjoying it being ours, we are just really tired! Moving/Packing/Unpacking without help is so exhausting. 

But, hey... everyday is a blessing and we are extremely thankful!

Stay safe out there peeps.

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