Monday, March 23, 2020

Stay at Home Order for Washington

Governor Inslee finally issued a Stay at Home proclamation that will last the next 2 weeks. This is for all non-essential businesses. For the next 2 weeks, people are to stay at home and not go anywhere other than to get groceries, doctor's appointments or things like that. And if they are an essential business, they are to go to work and go home right after with the same rules.

I think this should have been done when the restaurants were shut down for dine in eating. People spent the last week going out and enjoying the sun and NOT social distancing. It has been pretty ridiculous. Seeing people going to Alki Beach or going hiking in popular places where it is clear you can NOT social distance 6 feet from others, has made a lot of people so angry. Myself, included. They just aren't understanding how important staying home is right now. They could be carriers of this virus and not know it because they aren't showing symptoms. Just very frustrating... 

That being said... my husband's job and my job are both considered essential. Today, we closed the office to walk in customers/potential customers and we will continue to have it closed to customers for the next 2 weeks or until the Stay at Home has been lifted. 

If you are curious as to if your business is considered essential, you can see the full list here.

Whether you are working because you are considered essential, or you are staying at home... stay safe. Stay healthy... and make sure each day you #lookforthegood in all things... Share your joy. Share your happiness. We will get through this together!

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