Monday, March 9, 2020

Mom / Daughter Day

Today, my kiddo had off school. So, because it was a few days after her birthday I decided to take the day off as well and have a fun day together. 

Today, we have had lots of fun plans... LIKE... going to do a little shopping with a gift card I have, going to grab lunch together, going to get our nails done... and then going to Wal-greens to get some candy and head home to watch some movies or our new show we are watching together. However, we changed our plans a little. Yesterday, my husband went to play golf and the oldest went home with her mom after lunch, so the kiddo and I went to the mall and got all our shopping DONE! 

Today we got up and went to get our pedicures and then went to Walgreen's still to get our goodies and grabbed lunch at Subway before heading home for our day of relaxing. We stayed in all day after lunch and watched our show Army Wives and just had a great day together. We did our finger nails, we did face masks, we watched our shows, we made cookie dough bites and just really enjoyed our time together. I know that this time together won't last forever, with her growing up so fast... so I will enjoy this time when we get it. 

Together we have saved for some time for this day. So ready for a day off...

ALL and ALL we will be together the whole entire day and it is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I love this girl so much and I can NOT believe that she is 12 years old. Next year she will be a teenager. OH MY GOODNESS!

I am so excited for our day together.

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