Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Day 9

During this Stay at Home order... my work is considered essential, so I am at work today. We have locked our doors to customers walking in. If they need to drop off payment, we will let them, but we are wearing gloves and they are staying outside. We are trying to do our best with the social distancing as well. It helps, when my boss is in his office and his desk is definitely over 6 feet away from me. I thought that we might be a little slower with all this going on, but we are staying busy and that is awesome. 

The kiddo is still at her dad's. Man, I sure do miss her like crazy when she is gone. Here are a few pictures of how it is going over there with her. 

She did a tour of LSU online. She is playing BINGO with her school and this was one square she could cross off. I think it is super cool that her school is staying connected with them through Instagram. I love it.
My beautiful baby girl.
Little J loves the fact that her SISSY is spending extra time over there. This picture is C giving Little J a check up using her Doc McStuffin's kit. I just adore this picture.
 After work, I will go home and definitely listen to the Governor and make sure we Stay Home, unless we need to get some groceries. However, I think grocery wise, I am good for at least a few more weeks. I want to try to stay home as much as possible... 

Here are a few things I want to share with you today....

Jeremy Camp wrote a new song a few days ago called "Whatever I Face." It has quickly become one of my new favorite songs from him. He just posted a new song today that he wrote yesterday after he woke up. He said he isn't trying to write new hit songs, but writing helps him during times like these and man, the new song is just as good. It is called "My Prayer Song." If you click on the name of the song, I have added a link to find it on Facebook. 

My cousin lives in Crowley, LA and she is a personal trainer. She has been posting workouts on their gym Facebook page and I am loving them. I can't wait to try the partner workout with my husband. We shall see if he will do it with me. You can find the partner workout, here. But check them out for other videos as well. 

If you are looking for different indoor activities for your kids, check out this website.

If you would like a YouTube channel that has different actors reading books, you can find that here. There are 62 different ones. My favorite actors reading are Betty White and James Earl Jones. 

Here is a google document that shares Self-Care Activities during the Pandemic. It has a list of around 84 things on there and then has some additional links to explore the world. Check out that list here.

And just a reminder to always, always #lookforthegood in everything you are doing. We will get through this together! Praying for each and every one of you out there. Take care of each other. Hold your family close. And stay healthy!

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