Sunday, March 22, 2020

Day 7

We got in some good quality time with the family this weekend. I just love when our kids are home. The laughter we hear from their room is enough to fill my heart completely. During the times we are going through now, it really helps. 

This weekend we basically just hung out at home, minus a few trips out. We needed to get a few things at the grocery store. I could not find hardly any meat last weekend, so we took a different approach in finding this. We went to Cash and Carry and we were successful. We got a big bag of chicken wings, a big box of hamburger patties (if we don't eat hamburgers, we can break it up and use it in meals...), a big bag of tater tots, a big can of clam chowder, a big box of shrimp, some ravioli and some syrups for the Italian sodas we enjoy making at home. All and all it was a successful trip. We went to Fred Meyers to get the rest of what we needed and we got most everything. So, now... unless we need milk or bread, we are not going to the store anymore for a while. 

Here are a few pictures from our weekend...

Here is our  neighborhood bunny. We have named him Butters. He likes to hang out between my front door and my neighbors front door. I think he is a house pet that got loose because he definitely doesn't mind if you get close to him. I even gave him carrots, but I think he likes other foods... I see him almost every day. 

The kids spent all weekend outside playing volleyball. Abe even went out and played with them once. Getting some sun, while exercising... SCORE!

I bought stuff to make taco's for the family for dinner, but the kids were leaving sooner than dinner, so I made taco's for lunch. They sure did love it. And, am I the only weird one that would rather eat the taco's broken apart than together? SO GOOD!

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