Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 3

Today is day 3 of no school. She was a little more disappointed today in her school work. She did all she needed to do so far for this week and she wanted more. This kid LOVES school and loves to learn. I love it. Granted one teacher was posting later in the day, so she just had to wait ha. So, day 3 is going great so far. 

I found this on Instagram. 6 daily things to do during this time where you are spending more time at home. Why not answer each one daily. It will help you through this time and remind you that just because you are social distancing, you can still stick to your daily routine and maybe come out of this feeling refreshed... 

I joined a 30 days of kindness challenge. Each day, you can go to their website and download a journal page, a socially shareable image, and watch the daily video. During this tough time, why not do a kindness challenge while we are all practicing social distancing. If you would like to sign up for this challenge, click here and scroll to the bottom to sign up. You can also watch each day so far and get the daily goodies. 

A few songs to listen to during this hard time... 
Lauren Daigle - Rescue
Jeremy Camp - Whatever I Face - He wrote the song yesterday and it is so good. My new favorite song by him. He is one of my favorite singers! 

Stay strong everyone. Stay healthy. 
Call your friends who are social butterflies.
Check on the elderly and see if they are okay.

And, remember we will get through this together. 

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