Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Day 16

If you do not follow Jon Gordon on Facebook, you really should. He posts really positive things and I enjoy reading them... I follow him on Facebook, but I also signed up for his daily positive email and I am loving them!

Today's email said:
Remember, how you choose to see the world determines the world you see. 

When you see the GOOD,
look for the GOOD,
expect the GOOD,
you find the GOOD and...
the GOOD finds you.

- Jon Gordon (from The Carpenter book)

If you want to sign up for his daily positive emails, sign up here.

This is a wonderful Facebook filled with a TON of resources. The ones that stood out was the scavenger hunts that they share on this page. They have so many different ones... a letters hunt, backyard hunt, spring hunt, shapes hunt, nature hunt, book hunt, math hunt, 5 senses hunt and much more. But, they have so many different things for you to use during this tough time with the kids home more. Check out the page here.

Dolly Parton is going to start reading some books from the Imagination Library every Thursday night at 7 pm eastern time. Check out the event's link here.

JJ Heller wrote a new song during this hard time we are all living right now and it is so good. Check it out here.

Do you guys remember Supermarket Sweep? I remember watching this growing up all the time. If you miss it or want to reminisce and watch a full episode, check it out here

John Krasinski has created a YouTube channel called SomeGoodNews. It is where he will share good news people sends him and share with everyone. So far, I love it. Check it out here. I love him. I never did watch The Office, but I love watching him in Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video. #lookforthegood

The kiddo is busy doing her school work. So, she is keeping busy. She has things to keep her busy once her school work is done for the day. She sure is being great for me. 

Well, I hope you are having a great day and remember how blessed we are despite the hard times we are facing. I hope you are enjoying time with your family and loving every minute despite the chaos. 

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