Monday, March 16, 2020

Day 1

My earlier post was about the unknown. At the time that I wrote the blog post, I never thought we would be living in THIS new unknown. I was more so talking about life and life changes that come your way... I never thought we would be living this new unknown, the Coronavirus. 

I did name the post - Day 1 - No School... however, I might be posting on the weekends during this time frame so I am just naming the posts Day __. This will be the day's that my kiddo will be out of school, but with weekends included... 

As of Friday, the kids school has been cancelled for 6 weeks. Potential return date is April 27th. The governor has announced today that he will temporarily shut down restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities statewide, such as gyms and movie theaters. Restaurants will be able to provide pick up and delivery service only. They also have limited the amount of people that can attend a gathering to under 50 people. They are hoping that doing these things, will limit the spread of this virus. And will help the hospitals, medical teams that are working hard and long hours to help with this virus.

That being said... our family will be social distancing from as much as we can for now.  Outside of work that is... I do have to work, but I work in a small insurance company and our walk in clients are very few due to the ease of online/phone calls. If we need to, we will close the office to walk in customers and work by phone only.

My kiddo has amazing teachers. She spent the morning doing her school work. Had lunch at her normal school lunch time and did a little more work before she finished all that her teachers gave her. This is day 1 of being out of school, so I am sure as they get their plans together she will get more from time to time. She has her chrome book here for school work, her phone to play on and we will bring my laptop starting tomorrow for her to watch shows/movies as she wants. She will spend her time getting 30 minutes of reading in a day. She is trying to keep herself busy. She really is doing a great job on day 1. I am so proud of her and thankful to her teachers for being awesome and doing their best during this time.

Here is the kiddo during her lunch... 

If you have any kids at home and are looking for things for them to do, below I have listed some resources I have found and resources my friends have shared:

- Amazing Educational Resources. There are a ton of resources here. 

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