Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Day 16

If you do not follow Jon Gordon on Facebook, you really should. He posts really positive things and I enjoy reading them... I follow him on Facebook, but I also signed up for his daily positive email and I am loving them!

Today's email said:
Remember, how you choose to see the world determines the world you see. 

When you see the GOOD,
look for the GOOD,
expect the GOOD,
you find the GOOD and...
the GOOD finds you.

- Jon Gordon (from The Carpenter book)

If you want to sign up for his daily positive emails, sign up here.

This is a wonderful Facebook filled with a TON of resources. The ones that stood out was the scavenger hunts that they share on this page. They have so many different ones... a letters hunt, backyard hunt, spring hunt, shapes hunt, nature hunt, book hunt, math hunt, 5 senses hunt and much more. But, they have so many different things for you to use during this tough time with the kids home more. Check out the page here.

Dolly Parton is going to start reading some books from the Imagination Library every Thursday night at 7 pm eastern time. Check out the event's link here.

JJ Heller wrote a new song during this hard time we are all living right now and it is so good. Check it out here.

Do you guys remember Supermarket Sweep? I remember watching this growing up all the time. If you miss it or want to reminisce and watch a full episode, check it out here

John Krasinski has created a YouTube channel called SomeGoodNews. It is where he will share good news people sends him and share with everyone. So far, I love it. Check it out here. I love him. I never did watch The Office, but I love watching him in Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video. #lookforthegood

The kiddo is busy doing her school work. So, she is keeping busy. She has things to keep her busy once her school work is done for the day. She sure is being great for me. 

Well, I hope you are having a great day and remember how blessed we are despite the hard times we are facing. I hope you are enjoying time with your family and loving every minute despite the chaos. 

Monday, March 30, 2020

Day 15

Today marks day 15 of no school. It is still so crazy to think about this is our new normal for now. Social distancing ourselves from others to make sure everyone stays healthy and online schooling. I am over here praying that this virus dies sooner than later for everyone's sake. I worry how far behind the kids will get. Not so much my kiddo, because she is constantly doing the school work, but more so for kids who aren't able to get online or kids who struggle in school. 

This is the kiddo doing her thing. She spent the last 3 hours doing her school work. Some lessons takes her longer, but today she finished faster than normal. She was even impressed. 
And you know... because we still have 29 days before she "might" go back to school, we let her dye her hair red. It turned out so cute. It isn't a permanent dye. It will wash out in the next 3-4 weeks... You know... we are living in a new normal and why not... She will remember this time and how awesome her parents are. There are worse things she could be doing, so I am extremely blessed... 

Don't forget that you are capable of handing anything that is throw at you this week. It might be stressful. You might not like the circumstances, but you can do it. You have the strength and power to get through anything. 
I found this online and loved it. YES! I am working on letting this be my daily reminder. He is in control and I have to be strong and courageous.

A few things to share with you in case you want to check them out... 

Rachel Hollis is doing a Next 90 Day Challenge and it is absolutely free. She says that she knows that we can't control what's happening in the world, but we CAN control how we show up in it. I have done her Last 90 Day challenge before and it was good. Why not check this out, I mean, you can't beat FREE! Check it out here.

One of my favorite songs right now... There was Jesus by Zach Williams featuring Dolly Parton. So good... 

Sometimes, listening to what other doctors are saying can ease our anxiety a little... Here is an update from an OB doctor. I enjoyed his video. Check it out here

I mean, why not enjoy some Star Wars memes about social distancing... Check them out here.

Here are more fun things to do with your kids... Click here... 

I think that is all I have for today. Stay healthy out there my friends. Someone said this on the news today and I wanted to share it... 

Stay home...
Stay healthy... 
Safe at home...

We will get through this together!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Day 12

I don't have anything to post today, so enjoy these 2 quotes... 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Day 11

This kid cracks me up. I ask for a picture to go on my blog, and this is what she sends me... I miss her so much! 

I don't have much to say, so I will post some resources for some things to look at if you get bored. Work has been quite busy this week, so that is good. Keeps the days going by quickly, which helps. After work, I go home. Will repeat this routine for as long as we need to, to do our part...

Hallelujah by Hauser with a cello... AMAZING!

These military homecomings ALWAYS get me... 

Steven Furtick - Don't Watch the Wind... this was SO good...

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton - Islands in the Stream

15 Fun Easter Crafts that kids can make, check that out here.

Slow Cooker Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches - I have not tried this recipe, but it looks DELICIOUS... 

That is all I have for today. Stay safe and healthy out there people. We will get through this together. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Day 10

I don't have much to add today. The kiddo hasn't sent me any pictures today of what she is doing. I know she is doing her work and I am so proud of her that she is doing so well. Looks like Auburn really has stepped up with the online learning. Each teacher has assignments for her posted daily and she really is keeping up with it. So thankful!

So, today I will share some of my favorite things I have seen this week. Enjoy!

Patrick Stewart is reading William Shakespeare's sonnets each day. You can enjoy listening those those here. I am excited to listen to a few of those myself. I have read all the works by Shakespeare back when I was younger. 

Jennifer Gardner and Amy Adam's created an Instagram account where they get different people to read to our kids. You can check that account out here.

An oldie, but a goodie. We Are the World. Check it out here... 

My favorite singer of all time passed away this past week and I found this tribute to him on Facebook. Kenny Rogers was someone I listened to growing up. My momma loved him and I quickly became a fan. Check out the tribute here

This might be my new favorite remix of Shallow with Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks

25 Scriptures for when you are feeling overwhelmed...

Stay healthy out there and make sure you are laughing every chance you can. Laughter is good for the soul!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Day 9

During this Stay at Home order... my work is considered essential, so I am at work today. We have locked our doors to customers walking in. If they need to drop off payment, we will let them, but we are wearing gloves and they are staying outside. We are trying to do our best with the social distancing as well. It helps, when my boss is in his office and his desk is definitely over 6 feet away from me. I thought that we might be a little slower with all this going on, but we are staying busy and that is awesome. 

The kiddo is still at her dad's. Man, I sure do miss her like crazy when she is gone. Here are a few pictures of how it is going over there with her. 

She did a tour of LSU online. She is playing BINGO with her school and this was one square she could cross off. I think it is super cool that her school is staying connected with them through Instagram. I love it.
My beautiful baby girl.
Little J loves the fact that her SISSY is spending extra time over there. This picture is C giving Little J a check up using her Doc McStuffin's kit. I just adore this picture.
 After work, I will go home and definitely listen to the Governor and make sure we Stay Home, unless we need to get some groceries. However, I think grocery wise, I am good for at least a few more weeks. I want to try to stay home as much as possible... 

Here are a few things I want to share with you today....

Jeremy Camp wrote a new song a few days ago called "Whatever I Face." It has quickly become one of my new favorite songs from him. He just posted a new song today that he wrote yesterday after he woke up. He said he isn't trying to write new hit songs, but writing helps him during times like these and man, the new song is just as good. It is called "My Prayer Song." If you click on the name of the song, I have added a link to find it on Facebook. 

My cousin lives in Crowley, LA and she is a personal trainer. She has been posting workouts on their gym Facebook page and I am loving them. I can't wait to try the partner workout with my husband. We shall see if he will do it with me. You can find the partner workout, here. But check them out for other videos as well. 

If you are looking for different indoor activities for your kids, check out this website.

If you would like a YouTube channel that has different actors reading books, you can find that here. There are 62 different ones. My favorite actors reading are Betty White and James Earl Jones. 

Here is a google document that shares Self-Care Activities during the Pandemic. It has a list of around 84 things on there and then has some additional links to explore the world. Check out that list here.

And just a reminder to always, always #lookforthegood in everything you are doing. We will get through this together! Praying for each and every one of you out there. Take care of each other. Hold your family close. And stay healthy!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Stay at Home Order for Washington

Governor Inslee finally issued a Stay at Home proclamation that will last the next 2 weeks. This is for all non-essential businesses. For the next 2 weeks, people are to stay at home and not go anywhere other than to get groceries, doctor's appointments or things like that. And if they are an essential business, they are to go to work and go home right after with the same rules.

I think this should have been done when the restaurants were shut down for dine in eating. People spent the last week going out and enjoying the sun and NOT social distancing. It has been pretty ridiculous. Seeing people going to Alki Beach or going hiking in popular places where it is clear you can NOT social distance 6 feet from others, has made a lot of people so angry. Myself, included. They just aren't understanding how important staying home is right now. They could be carriers of this virus and not know it because they aren't showing symptoms. Just very frustrating... 

That being said... my husband's job and my job are both considered essential. Today, we closed the office to walk in customers/potential customers and we will continue to have it closed to customers for the next 2 weeks or until the Stay at Home has been lifted. 

If you are curious as to if your business is considered essential, you can see the full list here.

Whether you are working because you are considered essential, or you are staying at home... stay safe. Stay healthy... and make sure each day you #lookforthegood in all things... Share your joy. Share your happiness. We will get through this together!

Day 8

I have worked at my current job for 19 1/2 years. In those years, we have never closed our office to outside customers. We have closed our office for meetings or appointments, but never due to something like a virus. Today, we have closed our office to all outside customers. We can do most things on the phone or through email. And people can drop payments off through our drop box. But, until this thing is gone, we are making sure we are keeping us and our families safe.

If we go on lock down, I will be bringing my computer, monitors, printer and some files home with me to do what I need to do from home. I will forward the phones to my cell phone and will take messages for my boss to take care of when people want to talk to him. We will make it work. But, the best part about my job is... we will work. We will be here for our customers and continue to do what needs to be done on a daily basis. 

Just a Monday reminder for you... Soak that piece of goodness in... #lookforthegood


The kiddo has gone to her dad's for the week. They are working from home, so they are helping out with her during this time away from school. She still has to do her homework, so I told her to send me a picture daily to post on my blog. This is what I got today. I love it. She makes my heart happy. And man, do I miss her already!

Today, Jon Gordon shared a newsletter in my email. The part I liked was: 
The truth is, this isn't going to be easy. The truth is, our leaders are going to have to make difficult decisions in the near future to save lives and save the economy. The truth is, we can't control the events in our life, but we can control how we respond. The truth is, we will get through this. We all know a physical virus can be dangerous, but so can an idea virus. Let's respond to the fear, negative thoughts, panic and uncertainly with positive contagious energy. Positive energy is contagious too.

Speaking of Jon Gordon. He has a daily email he sends out about being positive. Here is today's email he sent: 

It’s easy to be positive when everything is going great. Real optimism, faith and leadership are revealed in how you respond to adversity.

Today let's:
1. Stay positive.
2. Be thankful.
3. Choose faith over fear.
4. Replace "Have to" with "Get To."
5. Encourage others.
6. Use this time to learn, improve and grow.

-Jon Gordon

Share this and invite a friend to sign up for their own Daily Positive at DailyPositive.com.

Make sure you sign up for some daily positive email's from Jon. He is an amazing human who shares all things positive. I love it!!!

Let's try to spread as much positive energy, happiness, joy and much more during this hard time... let's come out of this stronger and better... 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Day 7

We got in some good quality time with the family this weekend. I just love when our kids are home. The laughter we hear from their room is enough to fill my heart completely. During the times we are going through now, it really helps. 

This weekend we basically just hung out at home, minus a few trips out. We needed to get a few things at the grocery store. I could not find hardly any meat last weekend, so we took a different approach in finding this. We went to Cash and Carry and we were successful. We got a big bag of chicken wings, a big box of hamburger patties (if we don't eat hamburgers, we can break it up and use it in meals...), a big bag of tater tots, a big can of clam chowder, a big box of shrimp, some ravioli and some syrups for the Italian sodas we enjoy making at home. All and all it was a successful trip. We went to Fred Meyers to get the rest of what we needed and we got most everything. So, now... unless we need milk or bread, we are not going to the store anymore for a while. 

Here are a few pictures from our weekend...

Here is our  neighborhood bunny. We have named him Butters. He likes to hang out between my front door and my neighbors front door. I think he is a house pet that got loose because he definitely doesn't mind if you get close to him. I even gave him carrots, but I think he likes other foods... I see him almost every day. 

The kids spent all weekend outside playing volleyball. Abe even went out and played with them once. Getting some sun, while exercising... SCORE!

I bought stuff to make taco's for the family for dinner, but the kids were leaving sooner than dinner, so I made taco's for lunch. They sure did love it. And, am I the only weird one that would rather eat the taco's broken apart than together? SO GOOD!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Day 6

One of my work emails sent an email yesterday and they included a few things to do during this time frame.

Here is what they said to do:

Set an example - 
Many around us look to you to stay calm and organized and set a positive example. This is when others around you will see how people are coming together to stay positive. So let's stay positive. 

Time - 
Many are realizing they have more time now than ever. How are you using your time? Now is when you're able to do all of the things we normally do not have "time" for. Example: Check in with people you haven't talked to in a while, enjoy not being rushed, be creative and brainstorm, etc. 

"Live one day at a time and make it a masterpiece." - Dale West

Isn't that so good. That is what my life motto is for now... We are taking it day by day. Doing the best we can and making the best we can of each and every day. That is all we can do right now, so why not make the best of it.

I pray you are doing well. I pray you are healthy. I pray that life is getting to a new normal and the stress is a little less than it was last week. We will get through this together. We just have to remember to stay connected, even if it is from a far!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Day 5

Day 5
Today finds the kiddo working from home. Her big sister came over yesterday and with her being with her, they are staying home alone at the house. 

Right now, her sister is still sleeping, so she has pulled out her Chrome book and has started doing her school work for the day. And then after her sister wakes up, she will make them breakfast. Yesterday, she cooked them eggs. Not sure what is on the agenda today. 

I don't have much more to share today. Just trying to get through my work day. I work alone on Friday. I have been a little busy. Just ready to get done with my day and go home and spend a long weekend together with my family. 

Here are a few things to check out if you want... 

Check out Garth Brooks on Monday night at 7 pm Eastern Time. He is going to connect with all the fans to share music during this time. You can check out his Fabebook page here

Check out some past online concerts below...

Coldplay - check it out here.
John Legend - check it out here
Keith Urban - check it out here
Pink - check it out here

Stay safe out there and please, please remind your younger people to stay home. We should all stay home as much as possible to help slow the spread this crazy virus. Let's protect not only ourselves, but our older loved ones. 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Day 4

Today's comment from the kiddo... "Momma, I can't with you." She is laughing at me for posting daily during this 6 weeks of her not being in school. (I will take a break from posting during spring break, unless I can find some goodies to post for those who are looking for things to do.)

She is excited today. Her sister is going to be coming over today and she will be able to hang out at home with her sister instead of being at my work all day. She will still have to do her school work when the teachers post it, but she is excited for just a change of pace for the next few days. Next week she is going to her dad's for the week. She said, "Well, does that mean you won't post on your blog?" I said, "NOPE, you will just be sending me pictures for me to post of what you are doing." She just shook her head. 

 Last year I did an online summit event. It was put on by Jon Gordon and it is called, "The Power of Positive Summit." It was so good. It had over 20 speakers and they posted a few speakers each day and it was just so encouraging. I loved almost half of the speakers... a few weren't my favorite, but it is a FREE online event to encourage all things positive. He just announced that he is doing the event sooner than later to help with the hard times we are going through right now. It will be April 2nd through 8th. I already signed up and I can't wait. If you are interested, please check it out. You can check out the speakers and register for the event, here.

When I went home for Christmas, I went to church with my sister and I fell in love with her bible. My only bibles are a big Thomas Kinkade bible, but to use it daily was kind of hard with how big it is. And a read the bible in a year one, where they broke the whole bible into different chapters for daily reading. I wanted a smaller one that I could use daily. I ordered the same one she had that day and got some cute tabs to go with it. I am in love with it. I haven't picked it up too much since buying it, but lately I am doing something in it every single night. The last few nights I have been writing some of the bible verses different people have been posting about fear and the storm we are in. It really has been good for my soul. On top of doing the journaling each night, I read a devotional with my kiddo each night and I am doing 2 different devotionals on the Bible.com app through You Version. I never realized they added devotionals and I have completed one in the past week and I am not working through 2 more. They are quite amazing. 

So, that is just a little of what is going on over here and a few resources for you if you are looking for something to keep you busy. We WILL get through this together. It might be hard, it might suck for a while, you might struggle with finances, you might be sick and worried... just remember to breathe. Take it day by day (my life motto for now...) and remember to lean on your people. No in person, but from a far. Call them, text them, email them, facetime them, snapchat them... don't lose contact with the ones you love! They are just as worried and stressed as you are... Some of them, just won't tell you they are!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 3

Today is day 3 of no school. She was a little more disappointed today in her school work. She did all she needed to do so far for this week and she wanted more. This kid LOVES school and loves to learn. I love it. Granted one teacher was posting later in the day, so she just had to wait ha. So, day 3 is going great so far. 

I found this on Instagram. 6 daily things to do during this time where you are spending more time at home. Why not answer each one daily. It will help you through this time and remind you that just because you are social distancing, you can still stick to your daily routine and maybe come out of this feeling refreshed... 

I joined a 30 days of kindness challenge. Each day, you can go to their website and download a journal page, a socially shareable image, and watch the daily video. During this tough time, why not do a kindness challenge while we are all practicing social distancing. If you would like to sign up for this challenge, click here and scroll to the bottom to sign up. You can also watch each day so far and get the daily goodies. 

A few songs to listen to during this hard time... 
Lauren Daigle - Rescue
Jeremy Camp - Whatever I Face - He wrote the song yesterday and it is so good. My new favorite song by him. He is one of my favorite singers! 

Stay strong everyone. Stay healthy. 
Call your friends who are social butterflies.
Check on the elderly and see if they are okay.

And, remember we will get through this together. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Day 2

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone out there.
I learned this past December that I have a little bit of Irish in me. I had no clue!

Today is day 2 of no school.
The kiddo asked me today if I was going to post on my blog each day she is off school except for when it is spring break and my reply to her was, "I don't know." But, I am going to try and give updates on how things are going here for those that would like to read. 

Today, has been quite the exciting day. (A little sarcasm in that comment.) 
My boss fell down the stairs at work. That was pretty rough. From making sure he was okay, to getting him something to help stop his finger from bleeding, to making sure all the oatmeal was cleaned up as well as the glass that broke, to watching him pop one of his fingers back into place. OY... it was a lot to take in this morning. He went to the urgent care and got 4 stitches in his finger. He is okay, just going to be a bit sore for a while. 

C is doing good at my work with school. She has done all her school work that they have assigned her. She watched a video of her science teacher and went through the work she had for her. She did her English Language Arts work and played a game her Math teacher posted. She is a little frustrated that there is not more from other classes, but I just try to remind her that this is all so new and they are putting their stuff together for her. She also has learning websites she can use as well. She is keeping busy by doing her own stuff. Let me tell you, this would have been much harder if she was still young. However, at 12 she does awesome. She spends the summers at my work, so she is use to it. Just trying our best to keep things on track the best we can. Staying in our daily routines and tacking all the newness that comes along with all this social distancing. 

I have spent some part of my day getting a few things figured out in case my husband doesn't work. He doesn't have the option to work from home, so this has been our biggest worry so far, financially. Thankfully he worked some yesterday and is on a job today... We have a few options together for if we are unable to pay a few bills the next month or two. So, that is relieving.  And I know we are not the only ones in this situation. I know there are people out there who are already out of a job and I am praying for them and praying they have some options out there for them. My motto for now... it doesn't hurt to ask. It doesn't hurt to ask if there is some sort of assistance during this time for this bill or that. 

This is definitely a difficult time we are living in. The panic of others, the fear, the unknown... it all can be soul crushing. Try to take it day by day and think of what you are thankful for in this day only. Do that daily... I will try to post a few encouraging things for people throughout this time and post updates weekly updates while the kiddo has no school. Stay tuned...

For today's encouragement I am sharing some bible verses to help you through your day. Some are for anxiety, some are for fear, some are for the storms, some are just to remember God's love and what He is constantly doing in our lives. 

- Read all of Psalm 91. My pastor at my church said to pray this over your family. Put your names in the verses and pray it over your family! I am doing that tonight. 
- James 4:8
- Isaiah 41:10
- 2 Timothy 1:7
- Isaiah 26:3 
- Psalm 4:8
- John 14:1
- 1 Peter 5:6-7
- Joshua 1:9
- Philippians 4:6-7
- Matthew 6:34
- Matthew 8:26
- Deuteronomy 31:6
- Isaiah 35:4
- Psalm 107:28-31
- Psalm 91:1-5
- Isaiah 43:2
- Psalm 16:8
- Proverbs 12:25
- 1 Timothy 4:7
1 Peter 3:8

Please feel free to add your favorite bible quotes in the comments for others to check out...

Monday, March 16, 2020

Day 1

My earlier post was about the unknown. At the time that I wrote the blog post, I never thought we would be living in THIS new unknown. I was more so talking about life and life changes that come your way... I never thought we would be living this new unknown, the Coronavirus. 

I did name the post - Day 1 - No School... however, I might be posting on the weekends during this time frame so I am just naming the posts Day __. This will be the day's that my kiddo will be out of school, but with weekends included... 

As of Friday, the kids school has been cancelled for 6 weeks. Potential return date is April 27th. The governor has announced today that he will temporarily shut down restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities statewide, such as gyms and movie theaters. Restaurants will be able to provide pick up and delivery service only. They also have limited the amount of people that can attend a gathering to under 50 people. They are hoping that doing these things, will limit the spread of this virus. And will help the hospitals, medical teams that are working hard and long hours to help with this virus.

That being said... our family will be social distancing from as much as we can for now.  Outside of work that is... I do have to work, but I work in a small insurance company and our walk in clients are very few due to the ease of online/phone calls. If we need to, we will close the office to walk in customers and work by phone only.

My kiddo has amazing teachers. She spent the morning doing her school work. Had lunch at her normal school lunch time and did a little more work before she finished all that her teachers gave her. This is day 1 of being out of school, so I am sure as they get their plans together she will get more from time to time. She has her chrome book here for school work, her phone to play on and we will bring my laptop starting tomorrow for her to watch shows/movies as she wants. She will spend her time getting 30 minutes of reading in a day. She is trying to keep herself busy. She really is doing a great job on day 1. I am so proud of her and thankful to her teachers for being awesome and doing their best during this time.

Here is the kiddo during her lunch... 

If you have any kids at home and are looking for things for them to do, below I have listed some resources I have found and resources my friends have shared:

- Amazing Educational Resources. There are a ton of resources here. 

The Unknown

I am super strong woman. I know I am. I have been through so much that has made me that way throughout my almost 40 years. To date, the only thing that can stop me in my tracks is the unknown. The unknown can literally turn me into someone I don't even know. I can't sleep, I can't eat, I spend a lot of time in the bathroom with an upset stomach. I am on edge. I snap at the ones I love. I become someone I don't like.

And what's worse... I pray for peace. I pray for calming. I pray for wisdom during the unknown time frame. I know God is teaching me something. He is always up to something. I just can't figure that part out until usually years later. 

And what's even worse... I know things will be okay. I know no matter what things will eventually be okay. It might not be the path I want to be on, but together with my family we always will be okay. I know deep down, yet my body won't believe it. My body works to sabotage me. 

I have been singing "Into the Unknown" a lot lately from the Frozen 2 movie. My youngest said I can't sing the Whoa part unless I learned the song, so I did. The words that remind me of the unknown that I have been dealing with is:

What do you want? 'Cause you've been keeping me awake.
Are you here to distract me, so I make a big mistake?

As always I will continue to try to not let my mind control who I am. I will be okay. I will get through anything life throws into my path. I was created to be something so much more. The unknown... the fear... the uncertainty will not change me anymore. It might stop me once in a while, but I am fighting to become better. To not let the unknown win...

Monday, March 9, 2020

Mom / Daughter Day

Today, my kiddo had off school. So, because it was a few days after her birthday I decided to take the day off as well and have a fun day together. 

Today, we have had lots of fun plans... LIKE... going to do a little shopping with a gift card I have, going to grab lunch together, going to get our nails done... and then going to Wal-greens to get some candy and head home to watch some movies or our new show we are watching together. However, we changed our plans a little. Yesterday, my husband went to play golf and the oldest went home with her mom after lunch, so the kiddo and I went to the mall and got all our shopping DONE! 

Today we got up and went to get our pedicures and then went to Walgreen's still to get our goodies and grabbed lunch at Subway before heading home for our day of relaxing. We stayed in all day after lunch and watched our show Army Wives and just had a great day together. We did our finger nails, we did face masks, we watched our shows, we made cookie dough bites and just really enjoyed our time together. I know that this time together won't last forever, with her growing up so fast... so I will enjoy this time when we get it. 

Together we have saved for some time for this day. So ready for a day off...

ALL and ALL we will be together the whole entire day and it is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I love this girl so much and I can NOT believe that she is 12 years old. Next year she will be a teenager. OH MY GOODNESS!

I am so excited for our day together.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

12 years ago...

12 years ago on this date, I was very pregnant and I still had 3 weeks left to go before I would meet my baby girl. Something I had always dreamed about my entire life... I always wanted to be a momma and of course be a momma to a little girl. All my dreams were coming true in just 3 short weeks (I am pretty sure at this time, it seemed like so far to go...)

Well... this little girl decided to come 3 weeks early. March 6th, 2008 I went in for my weekly doctor's appointment. (Her due date was March 24th.) The doctor did her exam and when doing it, she popped my water bag. Her reply was, I believe I popped your water bag... she checked and YEP, I was going to be holding my baby girl, sooner than we expected. 

I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and when I got back they had a wheel chair waiting for me and her dad wheeled me over to the hospital where we would be staying until we would leave with her... We got to my room and then I called my best friend Jenn, who would be coming to meet us and then called my parents. I didn't stay on the phone too long because the nurses needed me to fill out our paper work. 

I got all settled in and then we had a few visitors. My mom changed her flight and she would be here at 6 pm on March 7th. Around 12:30 pm on March 7th, I started pushing. 2 hours later she was stuck and the doctor was ready to get her out so everyone got prepared for a c-section. At this point, I just wanted her out because I was super worried. At 3:37 my baby girl was delivered and I was in complete love and awe. She was mine and would forever be my baby girl. 

And from her birth, she has been living her life on her terms. She is a strong willed and very stubborn kiddo and I could not be more proud of her. I mean, she did get her stubbornness honestly... She is beautiful and she has a HEART of gold. She is going to do great things in her life and I can't wait to watch all her dreams come true.

I am extremely blessed and proud of this girl!

Happy soon to be birthday to my almost 12 year old... May this year be filled with many blessings and so much love...

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


My dad asked me this past weekend how I was going to protect myself and my family from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I hadn't really thought much about it until he asked me that question. I told him that I would do what I normally would do during the flu season. We will focus on washing our hands more and cleaning with disinfectant wipes more. We will also make sure we cough into our elbows and sneeze the same way. And we will make sure to use hand sanitizer anytime we were out in public and got into the car. And for now, we will avoid heavily populated areas.

Over the weekend, I watched on Facebook as people posted about how panicked people are. They are clearing out the stores of toilet paper, disinfectant wipes and many other things. And I totally get it. I can understand how people are getting freaked out. I am a natural worrier. I got the gene from my mom. Yep, been worrying since I was a kid. However, I am not freaking out about this like I normally would be... And here are a few reasons why... 

Did you know that there are 7 different types of the Human Coronavirus? The first case of the Coronavirus was identified in the mid-1960's. The Coronavirus 2019, also known as COVID-19, is just the new strand of virus. And let me tell you... THE NEW unknown of things can be so scary. 

Did you know that there have been more deaths by the flu worldwide, than this new strand of virus? Here are the stats:

The Stats for the Coronavirus:
Coronavirus cases - 92,798 in the world (103 cases in Washington State)

Coronavirus deaths - 3,164 in the world (6 deaths in Washington State)
Coronavirus recoveries - 48,469 so far (9 recovered in Washington State)

The Estimated Stats for the Flu:
32,000,000 - 45,000,000 illnesses so far in this flu season. 
18,000-46,000 deaths this flu season

Did you know that more than half of the 6 people who died in Washington state had underlying health conditions? 

My kiddo and I got our flu shot. We have protected ourselves the best we can for now. We will continue to stay educated and check our sources. I have never believed anything without checking the source. The 6 deaths in Washington State are horrible and definitely scary. As well as all the deaths worldwide. We will continue to pray for those infected and the family of those who have passed away. 

Please make sure you check out the CDC's list of 5 facts about the coronavirus. They hope this will help stop the spread of rumors. If you click on CDC's list of 5 facts, the website will open up. 

You can also check out the Washington State Department of Health's website about this virus. It has some great questions and answers at the bottom of the page. 

Keep yourself safe and protected. Do what you have to do for yourself and your family. If that means, stocking up on supplies... do it. Don't let anyone tell you how to protect yourself or the one you love. Stay educated and do your research. 

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