Thursday, February 20, 2020

Smart Smart Smart

You know what I am good at?

I am good at my job. I have been an insurance agent for quite a while and been working at my bosses office since September 2000. In 8 more months, it will be my 20 year anniversary. 

I absolutely love what I do and I love helping my customers. It is the best part of my day. I work for a great boss as well. We are always laughing and having a great time... 

You know what I don't like at work?

When they change things... we have a big system change coming February 22 and I am starting to mentally prepare for it. It isn't so much the newness of what is coming, but I will be training my boss as well when he doesn't understand something. So, for the first few weeks it will be an adjustment and I am sure I will have to call people back often while I figure things out... 

But, it is going to be better they say. More competitive they say. I look forward to that part of it. I am a fast learner and I learn by doing hands on... so I will be working half a day on that Saturday when the new system comes out so I can play around with it before coming to work on Monday. 

Wish us luck!!!

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