Monday, February 3, 2020

Mountains to climb...

You know what... Sometime's life gives you obstacles that you have to climb over. I call these obstacles mountains if they are big enough. 2020 is no different. We will be thrown our mountains to climb over and together with my husband we will climb it no matter how hard the climb is. 

Our first 2020 climb will be moving to a new place. We got new landlords back in November at the complex where I live. I live in a duplex and they have 80 buildings in their complex. I have lived in this home since 2005 and recently we decided to get things in order so we can buy a house in 1 - 2 years. I figured after the new year our rent would go up, but I was not expecting this. Well... the new landlords have decided that they want to remodel our unit and in order to do that we have to move out. Not move out until it is completed... move out for good. Our option is to see what other unit's they have remodeled and see if it will work with what we need and if so go through the application process again and get into a new unit that way. I know the rent will be way more than we are paying now... Or other option is to find a new place all together somewhere else. 

At this point, I am not sure what we want to do. I would like to stay in the duplex complex if the price and unit works for what we need. That way we can pay stuff off and get into a house down the road... But we will play it by ear. We have to wait for our tax return so we can pay the down payment of the new unit. So, the middle of February we will start figuring out what we want to do. They will get back to us in the next few days about the pricing and what units they have and then we will make our decision then. 

This will be a hard move. I brought my new born baby into this home and I raised her these past 11 years. I have lived here for 15 years. I don't want to leave. I love the unit I am in. We are happy here. I have a height wall that I will have to transfer to a board to take with me to the new place. Just a lot of memories in this home... I know we will make memories at every place we live, but I seriously hate moving. It gives me major anxiety... But it needs to be done, so no use in dwelling on what can't be changed. Time to get moving and get things lined up for when we do have to move. 

They are giving us until May 15th to be out of the old place. However, my goal is to be in a new place if we can by March or April. I really can't handle the stress of the unknown, so the sooner the better for my health!

I know God has bigger plans for us. It is hard when you feel so overwhelmed to see what God's plan is for you, but I know He has one and I am keeping the faith. 

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