Monday, January 27, 2020

Pros and Con's of Fasting

I have been on this fasting journey with my weight loss since December 1, 2018. I am down 1 year and starting strong on year 2. I absolutely love it and it is the only thing I have ever done that has kept the weight off. I will be fasting for life. It is just something I will always do. I can't wait when I reach my goal weight and can fast for maintenance. 

I have always struggled with my weight. I got on birth control in 1999 and it seems like the weight just added on each year and it was harder and harder to fall off. Of course I could have done things to help the gain, but I didn't. It is my own fault... I have tried every diet you can think of...

Atkins diet worked. I lost 50 lbs, but once I was done I gained it all back eventually. I didn't gain it back as fast as other diets, but I did gain it back. 

Weight Watchers helped a little. I lost around 25 lbs with that. However, the points and figuring out what was points and what wasn't just got to be a lot for me with the rest of my day to day busy life... I eventually gained it back. 

Slim Fast - I did the shakes for this, but didn't really notice a weight loss. 

HCG - I did do the HCG injections once. I lost around 50 lbs, but eventually gained it back. It was so ridiculous. I mean it worked, but I had to give myself an injection daily. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do it. My best friend gave it to me, but it was stupid. 

So, fasting works for me. I don't have to really watch what I eat. I can eat whatever, whenever. I just need to change my fasting time frame to work for what I have going on. 2020 will be a little more focused on eating better to help the pounds come off more. 

Pros of fasting:
- You don't just lose weight... you lose inches. I am down 37.4 lbs & 36 3/4 inches.
- I no longer depend on diet soda to get through my day. 
- I can tell when I am overeating and I can stop myself from continuing. 
- I know that I can go longer than a day without eating and be just fine. 
- I haven't been to the urgent care in 13 months. Before fasting I went 3-4 times a year!
- I might have 1-2 headaches a month, verses before fasting I was having them 8-10 times a month. Now, it usually only happens during one time of the month and I know why it is happening. 

Cons of fasting:
- Honestly the only con I have found has been the negativity from people who don't agree with fasting. Seriously, it is the only con I have found. I don't tell people what I am doing anymore. I just tell them I am focusing on eating better. They don't need to know when I eat or any of that. 

***For those that do not agree with my fasting... just know that my doctor was the one who recommended me give it a try to kick start the weight loss. I ended up loving it so much I continued and I email him 3-4 times a year with my results for my records. And he thinks I am a rock star. Just saying... results don't lie!

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