Monday, January 13, 2020

My Dad's Christmas Present

My PawPaw (my dad's dad) passed away February 22, 2019. He always talked about being ready to go to Heaven to be with my MawMaw who passed away when I was a little kid. His time finally came and the youngest and I were able to go down there for the funeral, which meant the world to me. 

After he passed away I started thinking about what I wanted to get my dad for Christmas. I have a friend who draws/paints pictures and she did one shortly after my PawPaw passed away and it looked AMAZING. I started to talk to her about how she does her work and told her my idea. She said she could do it and I spent the next few month's sending her money to pay for it. 

I flew home and Friday morning we went to her house to pick it up. And I loved every inch of it. It looked so amazing. I knew that my dad would love it. My idea was a picture of the two of them together again in Heaven. She made my vision come true! 

The pictures below are my dad opening it. 

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