Thursday, January 16, 2020

Louisiana Trip

I have posted about my dad's retirement party, the cousin reunion we had, and my dad's Christmas present... This is a post about the rest of the time we had in Louisiana. 

We flew home on Wednesday December 18th. Our flight was delayed 2 hours. My poor dad sat in Houston for 2 extra hours after driving 3. What a long day for him as well. We got to my mom and dad's house at 9:30 at night and we enjoyed her delicious spaghetti she had ready for us. 

Thursday the 19th was spent just relaxing and wrapping whatever presents I had to wrap. 


Friday the 20th was spent getting things done for my dad's retirement party. I went to pick up his Christmas present, went to see a high school friend, went to make his Retirement board and then went home to hang out with my parent's. 

Saturday the 21st was the retirement party. After the party we went to spend the night with my brother Derrick and sis Heather. 

Sunday the 22nd we went to church with Derrick and Heather and then went to the cousin reunion. We brought my parents out to dinner. 

Monday the 23rd we went to see my godparents. My Aunt Margaret wanted me to go through her tin's she collected over the years and get what I wanted. I got quite a bit of them. I love them all. We enjoyed the warmer weather and then at 8 pm we went to see the new Star Wars with my brother Michael. 


Tuesday the 24th, we hung out and went to church with my parent's. Once we got back we enjoyed dinner and then my little family opened gifts. 

Wednesday the 25th, we had our family Christmas. I packed up 4 boxes to ship home and then we got our bags packed as well. And we enjoyed the evening relaxing before we started our travel day the next day. 

Thursday the 26th was our travel day back home. We got to the airport and through security so fast. We ended up having to wait a while before our flight. We had lunch and hung out... our flight was suppose to be 4 hours and 50 minutes, but we got home within 4 hours. So thankful for that. 

We had such a wonderful time back home with my family. It was not nearly enough time!

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