Thursday, January 23, 2020

2020 Goals

I have big goals and big plans for this year! I know that with determination and motivation I will be able to reach all my goals. Even if I have to adjust my plans to get there, I will. This is a year of transformation and I can not wait. 

We have quite a few financial goals and I know we will reach them 100%.

My weight loss goals are the same, just my plan of attach is a bit different. I lost so 36 inches last year and 30 lbs. I love those results. Because on top of that, I didn't go to the urgent care for anything in 2019 and that was HUGE! The year before I was in the urgent care 3-4 times that year. Things are going great! This year 2020, I plan to lose more weight. If the inches fall off as well great, but my focus is more weight falling off. I have big plans and different fasting goals. I got this and I am looking forward to Christmas next year when I can see all the hard work I/We put in for this new year! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and enjoys life to the fullest. Life goes by so fast and you never know what life will bring you. Cherish every moment! Love with your whole heart and laugh every day. It is good for the soul!

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