Thursday, January 30, 2020

20 Hard Things

Here is 20 hard things you need to do to be successful:

1. You have to do the hard things.

2. You have to make the call you’re afraid to make.
3. You have to get up earlier than you want to get up.
4. You have to give more than you get in return right away.
5. You have to care more about others than they care about you.
6. You have to fight when you are already injured, bloody, and sore.
7. You have to feel unsure and insecure when playing it safe seems smarter.
8. You have to lead when no one else is following you yet.
9. You have to invest in yourself even though no one else is.
10. You have to look like a fool while you’re looking for answers you don’t have.
11. You have to grind out the details when it’s easier to shrug them off.
12. You have to deliver results when making excuses is an option.
13. You have to search for your own explanations even when you’re told to accept the “facts.”
14. You have to make mistakes and look like an idiot.
15. You have to try and fail and try again.
16. You have to run faster even though you’re out of breath.
17. You have to be kind to people who have been cruel to you.
18. You have to meet deadlines that are unreasonable and deliver results that are unparalleled.
19. You have to be accountable for your actions even when things go wrong.
20. You have to keep moving towards where you want to be no matter what’s in front of you.

I did not create this list. I found it on Facebook and loved it. I will definitely be using some of these for my new year!!!

Monday, January 27, 2020

Pros and Con's of Fasting

I have been on this fasting journey with my weight loss since December 1, 2018. I am down 1 year and starting strong on year 2. I absolutely love it and it is the only thing I have ever done that has kept the weight off. I will be fasting for life. It is just something I will always do. I can't wait when I reach my goal weight and can fast for maintenance. 

I have always struggled with my weight. I got on birth control in 1999 and it seems like the weight just added on each year and it was harder and harder to fall off. Of course I could have done things to help the gain, but I didn't. It is my own fault... I have tried every diet you can think of...

Atkins diet worked. I lost 50 lbs, but once I was done I gained it all back eventually. I didn't gain it back as fast as other diets, but I did gain it back. 

Weight Watchers helped a little. I lost around 25 lbs with that. However, the points and figuring out what was points and what wasn't just got to be a lot for me with the rest of my day to day busy life... I eventually gained it back. 

Slim Fast - I did the shakes for this, but didn't really notice a weight loss. 

HCG - I did do the HCG injections once. I lost around 50 lbs, but eventually gained it back. It was so ridiculous. I mean it worked, but I had to give myself an injection daily. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do it. My best friend gave it to me, but it was stupid. 

So, fasting works for me. I don't have to really watch what I eat. I can eat whatever, whenever. I just need to change my fasting time frame to work for what I have going on. 2020 will be a little more focused on eating better to help the pounds come off more. 

Pros of fasting:
- You don't just lose weight... you lose inches. I am down 37.4 lbs & 36 3/4 inches.
- I no longer depend on diet soda to get through my day. 
- I can tell when I am overeating and I can stop myself from continuing. 
- I know that I can go longer than a day without eating and be just fine. 
- I haven't been to the urgent care in 13 months. Before fasting I went 3-4 times a year!
- I might have 1-2 headaches a month, verses before fasting I was having them 8-10 times a month. Now, it usually only happens during one time of the month and I know why it is happening. 

Cons of fasting:
- Honestly the only con I have found has been the negativity from people who don't agree with fasting. Seriously, it is the only con I have found. I don't tell people what I am doing anymore. I just tell them I am focusing on eating better. They don't need to know when I eat or any of that. 

***For those that do not agree with my fasting... just know that my doctor was the one who recommended me give it a try to kick start the weight loss. I ended up loving it so much I continued and I email him 3-4 times a year with my results for my records. And he thinks I am a rock star. Just saying... results don't lie!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

2020 Goals

I have big goals and big plans for this year! I know that with determination and motivation I will be able to reach all my goals. Even if I have to adjust my plans to get there, I will. This is a year of transformation and I can not wait. 

We have quite a few financial goals and I know we will reach them 100%.

My weight loss goals are the same, just my plan of attach is a bit different. I lost so 36 inches last year and 30 lbs. I love those results. Because on top of that, I didn't go to the urgent care for anything in 2019 and that was HUGE! The year before I was in the urgent care 3-4 times that year. Things are going great! This year 2020, I plan to lose more weight. If the inches fall off as well great, but my focus is more weight falling off. I have big plans and different fasting goals. I got this and I am looking forward to Christmas next year when I can see all the hard work I/We put in for this new year! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and enjoys life to the fullest. Life goes by so fast and you never know what life will bring you. Cherish every moment! Love with your whole heart and laugh every day. It is good for the soul!

Monday, January 20, 2020

9 years...

I met my husband 9 years ago on December 28th.
The rest of it is history... we started dating, got married and are living life to the fullest... we love our little family and can't imagine life without each other!

Happy 9 years of knowing you babe!
We went to Tutta Bella for our anniversary of when we met... 



Thursday, January 16, 2020

Louisiana Trip

I have posted about my dad's retirement party, the cousin reunion we had, and my dad's Christmas present... This is a post about the rest of the time we had in Louisiana. 

We flew home on Wednesday December 18th. Our flight was delayed 2 hours. My poor dad sat in Houston for 2 extra hours after driving 3. What a long day for him as well. We got to my mom and dad's house at 9:30 at night and we enjoyed her delicious spaghetti she had ready for us. 

Thursday the 19th was spent just relaxing and wrapping whatever presents I had to wrap. 


Friday the 20th was spent getting things done for my dad's retirement party. I went to pick up his Christmas present, went to see a high school friend, went to make his Retirement board and then went home to hang out with my parent's. 

Saturday the 21st was the retirement party. After the party we went to spend the night with my brother Derrick and sis Heather. 

Sunday the 22nd we went to church with Derrick and Heather and then went to the cousin reunion. We brought my parents out to dinner. 

Monday the 23rd we went to see my godparents. My Aunt Margaret wanted me to go through her tin's she collected over the years and get what I wanted. I got quite a bit of them. I love them all. We enjoyed the warmer weather and then at 8 pm we went to see the new Star Wars with my brother Michael. 


Tuesday the 24th, we hung out and went to church with my parent's. Once we got back we enjoyed dinner and then my little family opened gifts. 

Wednesday the 25th, we had our family Christmas. I packed up 4 boxes to ship home and then we got our bags packed as well. And we enjoyed the evening relaxing before we started our travel day the next day. 

Thursday the 26th was our travel day back home. We got to the airport and through security so fast. We ended up having to wait a while before our flight. We had lunch and hung out... our flight was suppose to be 4 hours and 50 minutes, but we got home within 4 hours. So thankful for that. 

We had such a wonderful time back home with my family. It was not nearly enough time!

Monday, January 13, 2020

My Dad's Christmas Present

My PawPaw (my dad's dad) passed away February 22, 2019. He always talked about being ready to go to Heaven to be with my MawMaw who passed away when I was a little kid. His time finally came and the youngest and I were able to go down there for the funeral, which meant the world to me. 

After he passed away I started thinking about what I wanted to get my dad for Christmas. I have a friend who draws/paints pictures and she did one shortly after my PawPaw passed away and it looked AMAZING. I started to talk to her about how she does her work and told her my idea. She said she could do it and I spent the next few month's sending her money to pay for it. 

I flew home and Friday morning we went to her house to pick it up. And I loved every inch of it. It looked so amazing. I knew that my dad would love it. My idea was a picture of the two of them together again in Heaven. She made my vision come true! 

The pictures below are my dad opening it. 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Christmas with my family...

We had such a fun time down in Louisiana for Christmas. We did our family Christmas exchange on Christmas Eve and then Christmas day we did our Christmas with the whole family. So many people, so many laughs... so many memories made! I love my family so much!

 This is my family and these 3 people are my whole world. 
 My stars... All of my mom and dad's grandkids.
 These 2 men have been making me laugh since I was a baby! Love them so much!
My wonderful parents and brothers. I don't know where I would be without these humans in my life. I am so blessed!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Cousin Reunion

I fly home to Louisiana every other year. It is just so expensive to do it yearly. I wish we could though... So, we go every other year. 

When we go home, I try to do a dinner with my cousin's. Not all of them can make it and we have such a great time together. We were all close growing up and it is just great to get together and see how we are all doing in person instead of checking on Facebook. 

This trip we planned a cousin reunion. It was for all the first cousin's, their kids (2nd cousins) and for their kids (3rd cousins). And again... what a wonderful time was had by all. We missed the ones that could not be there, but we were so thankful for the ones that did show up... What a wonderful day we had.

I am so thankful for my family and even though I do not talk to all of my cousin's on a day to day basis, I love reading about their lives and seeing pictures on Facebook. It makes my heart happy!

This picture is of all the first cousin's. We grew up all so close. I love these human's so much!!!

This picture is of all the first cousin's and the spouses. What a beautiful looking group we are!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy Retirement (soon) Dad

My dad is retiring in April of 2020. Since we will not be going home for a visit, we decided to have a small retirement party for him when we were home for Christmas. (I know, he didn't want one... but I have never been really good at listening.)

We had family there and some of his work buddies there. It was a wonderful day. Here is the speech that I wrote and read during the party! 

In everyone's life, perhaps, there is a person who somehow impacts you so strongly that your character is molded because of that person. In my case, that person has always been my dad.

You have always been my inspiration and my hero. I have learned so much from you over the years. I know right… you didn't think I was paying attention, did you? Thank you for being such a wonderful role model in my life.

You taught me to work hard. Now, I didn't always listen to you when I was younger and the high school years were rough, but seeing you work hard all your life has definitely taught me how to do the same in my life. I might struggle from time to time, but I always work hard and give it my all. And I learned that from you!

You taught me to always be willing to help others out if I can. I seriously can't remember of a time in my life where you weren't there for me when I needed you. I think this is definitely where I get my desire to volunteer and my willingness to help anyone I can. No matter where life takes me, I know for certain that you will always be here for me.

You taught me to be firm, but loving with my kids and always be there for them.
My divorce was one of the hardest times in my life and your email meant more to me than you will ever know. I might be off a few words, but the part of the email that changed the path I was going down was: What defines both of you at a time like this is how you move forward from this moment on. You can either let it tear you down, or you can grow from it and become a better person. I have lived that quote every single day of my life since then! So thankful for you always being here for me, despite all the grief I put you and mom through growing up. I do remember once, I was telling you a story about Cadence and how she was just being super difficult during her younger years… And I will never forget your response… Michelle, I only have one thing to say about that… Karma is a bitch. Well… if she is anything like I was as a teenager, I could use all the prayers you have!

You taught me how to be strong. During super tough times, you always made sure your wife and kids were okay. It has taken years, but I think I finally know how to be strong no matter what comes my way. I mean, the force has always been strong with you dad and I totally followed in your footsteps… Because the force is also strong with me!

You have taught me the meaning of being a loving spouse. I have seen you be an affectionate husband all these years and face all the obstacles that came in your life with patience. And I am so thankful that God brought you and my mom together all those years ago. And look at you now… you have 3 amazing kids and 12 grandkids… Okay… so I might have gotten all the looks in the family and I definitely thank you both for that one.

You all know me too well… I can go on forever, but I won't. You're welcome…
Dad, a dream come true is what your retirement really is. You have worked so very hard to get to this point in your life. You have won the admiration and respect of your family and your colleagues. Be proud of yourself dad, because I am definitely super proud of you! You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I couldn't imagine life with a different dad. I hope you get to do everything that you ever truly wanted to do, as you step into this exciting time in your life. And I look forward to your many texts that will come my way once you retire. Because they are truly epic aka…legendary! Happy Retirement dad!

 My dad's secretary sent me these pictures and I just had to make this poster. 
 This is the candy board that I made my dad. So funny! And after the party was over I let my nieces and nephews clean the board out one at a time. It was great!
 My dad's family! We are so proud of this man. 
He knew this barbecue we had planned was more than a regular one when his sister and brother showed up. They live an hour away.