Monday, October 21, 2019

Out of the Darkness Suicide Walk 2019

I started doing this walk last year with my good friend Amanda after she lost her brother to suicide in 2018. This was our 2nd year doing it and we will do it every single year that we can. This year, I asked my kiddo's if they wanted to do it with us and without hesitation they said yes. I was a little worried that they would be too cold or it would be too long of a walk for them. They were ROCKSTARS. I seriously mean that. They were there to support us and to love us and it was amazing. They told us at the end that they had so much fun and hope they can do it next year. I told them they can do it every single year with us!

Together we are Team MJT. We would love anyone to join us every year. The more the better... We were able to raise just over $1,000 this year for suicide prevention. Next year it will be more. This will be our family fundraiser that we will do every year. 

Next year however, we will be making us sweatshirts and/or button's. So many ideas we have running through our heads. 

I walk in memory of my cousins Marla Faye and Trena. Marla Faye died from suicide when I was 13. I found out really quickly how suicide can affect one family. And then 6 short years later my 16 year old cousin Trena died from suicide. Her death completely changed me. I really can not explain it... I just know it changed the course of my life from that day forward. 

So, we walk remember them, to support other families who have gone through the same thing and we walk to honor them! It isn't a long walk, but man there are hills... And my body HATES hills... but in walking yesterday I told the oldest kiddo that I am okay with the pain, because my pain is not nearly what their pain was when they died. 

Their pain ended when they died... but their families pain began when they died. 
You are never alone. Reach out to your family/friends and last resort the suicide hotline is always open. The suicide hotline number is 800-273-8255. You can also chat with someone online if you go to Please know that there are people out there that will and want to help you!

I took a picture of the cross streets of where we parked. It just so happened we parked on John Street. John is the name of my friends brother. 

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