Thursday, September 5, 2019

Shaped Me

There are multiple things in my life that has shaped me into the person I am today. I think the first series of events that happened that shaped me into who I am today is the suicide of my cousins. It was such a hard time in my life, but moving away and finding my life outside of my small home town of Louisiana was what I needed for me. 

My divorce also was another event that shaped me. I was able to raise my kiddo with being a single mother and it was the hardest time in my life, but I was able to get through it with the help of my best friends.

During all those events, I grew stronger and became the woman I am today. I learned about myself and realized what I wanted in life and learned what I needed to make my life better. 

I am finally in a place in my life where I am extremely happy. Everything in my life is great and I am continually working on myself to get me where I need to be on the inside as well...

What shaped you?

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