Monday, September 2, 2019

19 years down...

Yesterday, marked my 19 year anniversary working for my boss.
I absolutely love my job.
I love our customers.
I love being able to help them on a day to day basis.

In 1999, I moved here from Louisiana. I worked for a friend at his business to get things organized and help out for a bit. I basically worked myself out of the job. In 2000, I got a job at Farmers Insurance at the district office. I say I worked myself out of the job there as well, but I honestly believe that the woman who was in a higher up position didn't care for me. So, they moved me to an agent's office for me to work there. And I am so thankful they did!

September 1, 2000 I started working for Myron, his ex-wife and her parents. I really enjoyed it and here we are... 19 years down and it is just Myron and I. Some days are great, some days are hectic, but every day I really just enjoy my job here.

Here is to many more years!!!

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