Thursday, August 22, 2019

Auburn Summer Camps

Once the youngest gets out of school, she usually comes and hangs out with me at work. My boss has always been super flexible with her being with me. That being said, her dad and I try to let her have a little fun and every year so far since being in school we have put her in 2 camps a year.

This year she had the option of doing a YMCA camp and the gymnastics camp again or try out Auburn Parks and Rec camps and see what they are all about. She decided to try out Auburn Parks and Rec camps. We sat down and she chose the 3 she wanted to do. I was kind of disappointed she did not choose the Jedi training camp, but oh well.

Because they have a few different options she chose one full day camp and 2 half day camps. We went through all the different options. They have so many different options this year. It's kind of neat, really. 

The first half day camp she did was Fear Factor: New Foods. It was a camp where they cooked new foods that they usually wouldn't try on a normal basis. She really enjoyed it. She did not care for some of the foods, but she had fun. And she did try new things. Her new favorite thing is brussel sprouts. 

The second half day camp she did was As Seen on TV: Food. It was a camp where they made things they have seen on TV. Day 1 was ratatouille and some soup. She didn't care for the ratatouille, but she really enjoyed the soup. Day 2 was Krabby Patties. One day they discovered what the gray stuff from Beauty and the Beast tasted like. She seemed to enjoy that one as well. 

The last camp she did was Cooking Reality. They cooked up recipes for Chopped, Great British Bake Off, Cupcake Wars and Master Chef Jr. This camp also had afternoon field trips to a chocolate factory, the movies, MOPOP & Seattle Center, Lake Meridian and Flying Circus. 

She said that she will probably do these camps next year, but she might try something other than cooking. I really like the system they have set up. You have to wear a color bracelet for them to know what camp you are in and you are supervised the whole time. I also have to sign her out each day and I have to drop her off. She can't sign herself in without me. It's just really well put together. 

Way to go Auburn Park and Rec for putting together a really well summer camp program for our kids. 

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