Wednesday, August 14, 2019

365 Day Blog Challenge - Day 364

This or That?

Italian or Mexican? Mexican is ALWAYS my first option. But I like them both!

Soda or Tea? Diet Dr. Pepper - not a fan of tea! Yes, I know... I am from the south, how can I not like tea right? I just never have. 

Homemade soup or soup from a can? Homemade 

Turkey or Chicken? Chicken

Chicken or Steak? Steak

Hamburger Helper or Tuna Helper? Hamburger helper

Raw or cooked veggies? Depends on the type.
Onions - cooked

Celery - both
Cauliflower - raw
Asparagus - cooked
Broccoli - cooked

Hot dogs or hamburgers? Hamburgers

Popcorn or nachos? Nachos

Yogurt or oatmeal? If I have to choose one it would be yogurt. I am not a fan of either. 

Sno cones or ice cream cones? Sno cones any day of the week... but we don't have them up here is Washington... So... if I am in Louisiana - sno cones. If I am in Washington, ice cream cones. 

Crispy or grilled chicken? Grilled

Pumpkin or apple pie? Apple

Favorite Fair or Carnival Food? Fair - Funnel Cake every time.

Broccoli or Chicken Alfredo? Chicken

M & M's or Hershey chocolate? Hershey

Hamburgers or cheeseburgers? Cheese all the way

Chocolate or Vanilla? Strawberry... 

Pizza or spaghetti? Pizza... now if it's my mom's cooking, spaghetti is my choice. 

Body wash or bar soap? Bar

Android or Iphone? Android

Rain or Snow? Rain - I don't get nervous driving in that. 

Cookies or brownies? Does cookie dough count? Once they are cooked, I could pass on them!

Scrunchies or hair ties? SCRUNCHIES 

Advil or Tylenol? Motrin

VHS or DVD? VUDU digital

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