Monday, August 12, 2019

365 Day Blog Challenge - Day 362

Have you ever:

Gone to Europe? No

Rode on a motorcycle? No

Lived in another state? Yes. Louisiana and Washington. 

Met a celebrity? No

Been to Disney World? Yes

Done a For Sale by Owner House? No

Planted a vegetable garden? No

Been a car salesman? No

Ridden in a limo? Yes

Sent a man flowers? No

Owned a waterbed? No

Planned a wedding? Yes. 

Driven a riding lawn mower? Yes.

Participated in a marathon? No, one day maybe. 

Been to a chiropractor? Yes. It was not fun. 

Made a trip to the dump? Yes, quite often. 

Gone mountain climbing? No

Been a member of a sorority? No

Participated in a beauty contest? No

Had a dog compete in a dog show? No

Been somewhere while an earthquake occurred? Yes. At work in 2001. 

Been somewhere while a tornado took place? At my cousin's house in a trailer. Scariest thing ever. 

Been somewhere while a hurricane occurred? At my cousin's house, yes. We evacuated. 

Been on a college sports team? Nope

Played an instrument? Piano yes. 

Been stranded in the rain? No

Won a trophy? If so for what? Back in the day when I played sports. For Basketball. 

Been in jail? Never

Put something in the oven and forgot about it? Once. 

Got into a car to go somewhere and forgot where you were going? Never

Locked your keys in your car? Once. 

Dialed a phone number and forgot who you called? No

Driven away from someone while a member of your party was still outside the car? Ummmm... like jokingly yes. 

Fallen up the stairs? Nope. 

Been ready to bathe and found out you had no hot water? Once, when the water heater went out. 

Called a family member by another name? No

Remembered an appointment after it was too late? No

Locked yourself out of your house? Yes. The only time I did that we were on our way to the airport to go to Mexico. EEK! With our passports in the house with my purse and keys. 

Seen a ghost? No

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