Thursday, July 18, 2019

365 Day Blog Challenge - Day 337

What one cause do you feel passionate about?

MOPS. Definitely MOPS!

MOPS is a wonderful organization. I joined it when my kiddo was 2 almost 3. And we went until she graduated out. After she turned 6, I joined the volunteer team and became a coach. I did that for 3 years before joining the special projects. I now help with events/managing our FB page/creating content and then I help with approving people and post in our MOPS Coordinators group. I love it and will volunteer as long as they let me!

I wish every mom knew about MOPS and got plugged into it. It is such a motivating place and you get to realize that no mom is alike... but we don't have to walk this thing called mommyhood alone! You are NOT alone.

If you would like to join a MOPS group, you can go to and select find a group. Or, if you would like to chat about it, I am always willing to talk about MOPS!

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