Monday, February 18, 2019

365 Day Blog Challenge - Day 187

Tell your story of loss and how you got through it?

We have had 2 suicides in our family! I can tell you about both losses, but I can definitely tell you that you don't just get over it... You remember them daily. You think about things you could have done to help them. You think of their kids and parents all the time. It is a hard thing to go through!

My cousin Marla Faye was an amazing woman. She had 3 kids and a husband and she owned her own day care. We were all in church one Sunday and I remember someone coming in to get my Aunt Carla (Marla's mom) and then they disappeared. We went to back to my grandma's house because we knew something had happened. We waited and waited and finally got the news. 

My cousin Trena was at her school when she committed suicide. I found out when I was working one day. It was a day I will never forget. Getting the call. Going over to my aunts house. Sitting with my cousin Emily! 

Suicide... something our family knows about. Something we mourn about. Something we will never forget. Our hearts hurt because of it. Our lives were changed because of it. Depression is a sickness. I pray you never have to go through it... 

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