Sunday, January 20, 2019

365 Day Blog Challenge - Day 158

Favorite road trip you have ever taken?

I have 2. 

First one was when my best friend Heather from Louisiana surprised me with a trip up here. My best friend here Jenn watched C one day so we could make a day trip to Forks. It was a great trip driving there and back and then the fun we had in between touring Forks and all the neat places they had for us to look at and then our trip to La Push Beach. Definitely a trip I will remember forever. 

Second one was when my husband headed down to Sacramento to be at our brother's wedding. It was a super long drive. I had a bladder infection so there were many stops along the way. The car broke down for 2 hours until a complete stranger helped us. He was an angel sent from God. We watched the wedding and enjoyed some time with them before heading home. It was a great trip and a bonding time with my husband. I love that man!

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