Friday, October 26, 2018

365 Day Blog Challenge - Day 72

What is the most scared you have ever felt?

One day I was working and realized my alarm did not go off to remind me to go pick my kiddo up from school. When I realized what time it was and that she would be waiting for me at home in 10 minutes I panicked. It takes me anywhere between 10-15 minutes to get home. She doesn't take her cell phone to school with her. I left work and drove as fast as I could. No way to get a hold of me or anyone else. She would just be waiting by the front door for me to get home. I called my neighbor and he was not home, but he said he would be home within 10 minutes. The drive home seemed like it took FOREVER!

I got home and my heart dropped when I realized that she was NOT by my front door. I started crying and freaking out. Where is she? Why is she not here? Her bus already dropped the kids off...

I walked over to my neighbors house because I was just not sure what else to do. I was so close to calling the cops. When I rounded the corner by his garage and saw her sitting on my neighbor's couch the tears continued to fall.

My neighbor was not home but his friend was visiting and he was home. She didn't know him, so he asked if he could call Moses and talk to her while I got there. So, my amazing neighbor talked to her and helped her calm down while I made my way home. He is one of the best neighbors anyone could ever have! And this day, he definitely helped both of us!

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