Thursday, August 23, 2018

365 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8

A letter to yourself 5 years from now:

Dear me age 43:

How is your 40's treating you?
Well, I hope you stop taking life so serious. It is okay to be responsible and take care of the adult stuff you need to, but life is also suppose to be fun and definitely lived! I hope you are enjoying your kids... now ages 18 and 15. Where did the time go? Spend every minute you can with them... because they will soon be off living their own life. Hopefully making time for their parents, but it won't be the same. They will have their own friends. Their own jobs. Their own school schedules. They will be trying to figure out this thing called life. 

You are doing an amazing job as a wife and a mother. You are too hard on yourself. As long as everyone is happy and fed and loved, they are doing just fine! Make sure you smile even on the bad days. Remember to laugh with your husband every chance you get. Life is hard. Enjoy every day together. Life is too short. It could change in a second. Love with everything you have. Give whatever you can. Cherish every second that God gives you! 

I hope you remember you are beautiful. Again, you are too hard on yourself. You might not be the weight you want to be or you might not have the hair that you want or this or that... but YOU are beautiful. Inside and out. And you should tell yourself that every day. Your husband thinks you are and so does God... so why do you think otherwise?

Here is to 5 more years of great memories. Cherish all of them big and small.

Your 38 year old self... 

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