Thursday, August 16, 2018

365 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1

I have decided to do a blog challenge for 365 days. Each day I will post and share the question that the challenge asks me. I haven't read through the questions yet, so some days might be a short post and some days it might be longer! I found 150 of the questions on, but the rest of them I have had in a word document to answer down the road.

I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

Day 1: Favorite Part of Today

Well, my favorite part of today hasn't happened yet, but I will share what it will be. Today I will get to love on my baby J. You might be thinking awe, she has a baby at home. NOPE! Not me... however, my ex husband and his wife are coming down to pick up my youngest for their weekend with her. And when they come down, they are bringing their 1 year old with them and she is my little buddy. I absolutely adore this baby girl.

And yes, my husband and I both get along great with our exes now that we are not together anymore. We all hang out together and do things every now and then together. It makes for fun get together's and the kids are always smiling. Can't beat that!

So, being able to hang out with Baby J for a few hours tonight, is going to be my favorite part about today!

What is your favorite part about today?


  1. That's amazing that you both get on so well with your exes! It's such a shame when divorced couples just end up resenting each other for the rest of their lives. Some people are meant to be in your life for a reason but not necessarily for a romantic one.

    Hope you enjoy your time with baby J!

    Erin –

  2. Yes that is so true. I am a firm believer that some people are not meant to be doing what we do... but for those that can put it all behind them and move on it is great!

    Thanks.... I enjoyed her a lot. She is at the age she doesn't like to be held anymore... but she just turned 1. Ha.