Friday, July 27, 2018

I miss being young...

Ha. Such a wide range that one sentence can take this post...

Monday we headed to urgent care due to my shoulder/arm hurting so bad. I was told over a month ago that I had a pulled bicep and had carpel tunnel. I honestly just thought it was more of a pulled muscle.  As I am talking to the urgent care doctor, he asked all the right questions of what I was feeling and where. He moved my arm and let me tell you, I tried so hard to hold back the tears that were fighting to burst out. He left and came back and said that he is pretty sure I have something called Subacromial bursitis. He said the only real way to test his theory is to inject a needle into my bursa in my shoulder and inject lidocaine into the bursa. Once that is done, after a few minutes if he can move my shoulder without pain, that is the answer.

He started prepping stuff and boy that needle was big. My husband said it wasn't too big, but in my eyes thinking about it entering my shoulder, started to freak me out. My hubby held my hand and so did my 10 year old daughter. He sprayed my skin with some numbing stuff and then he poked me. I honestly didn't feel it at all. I mean I felt a little pressure, but nothing like I had imagined.

And we chatted for a few minutes while we waited for it to kick in. I asked about what the treatment plan is if it is subacromial bursitis. He was very informative with his answers. I was very fond of him and super sad he was an urgent care doctor only. I would have quickly moved my records to his office. I have never met a doctor as thorough as he was. And boy did I like it.

A few minutes passed and he moved my shoulder and I passed with flying colors. No tears formed, I was in shock. But, that being said... I had subacromial bursitis. And boy was it painful! I was prescribed a muscle relaxer to take at night only. And then a very strong anti inflammatory pill to take twice a day. And then he said to take it easy and rest as much as I can.

I took the following day off to sleep. And it was needed. I slept until around 12:30 and then just rested the rest of the day. The rest of the week has had its good and bad times. Bad times are mostly at night. I can see how that happens. I use my arm all day even though I am resting it as much as I can, I am still using it. So, night times have been rough, but last time was the first time since Sunday that I actually was able to lay in bed without having to sleep in the recliner for the first 3 hours before moving into bed.

Good news is, he doesn't think I have carpel tunnel at all. He thinks all this is from the bursa being inflammed. We shall see. I am praying he is correct!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The older I get...

The older I get the harder drop offs at the airport get. I never realized it would get harder the older I get. But, my parents flew to visit and they were here for 4 1/2 days. It was an amazing trip! 

They got in around 12. We went to lunch and then headed to my house and the store for a few things before bringing them to their hotel. We hung out and the youngest swam for a little bit before we headed to dinner a little bit later. 

We headed to Snoqualmie Falls. I have lived in Washington state since 1999 and the first time I visited this was when my brother was in town in April. It was so pretty. My parent's had never been so we took the trip up. Only a 40 minute drive, so not too far away. It was a lot of fun! 

After the falls, we grabbed lunch and headed to my house. My dad went with my husband to pick up his triathlon paperwork and I ran the roads getting stuff for our barbecue we were going to be having the following day. The girls stayed and hung out with my momma. 

My dad and I headed to Lakewood to watch my husband do his very first sprint triathlon. It was so fun to watch and to be there to support him. I was very proud of him! I did however forget the sunscreen so I walked away with a burn, but my husband walked away with much more. He was so excited he finished! What an accomplishment. And how fun to have my dad there to watch too!

After the triathlon we went back to the house and then started preparing things for our barbecue. We had some friends coming over to visit with my parents. It was a wonderful evening. Lots of fun was had. 

We hung out around my house. My mom did some clothes and we just visited. For dinner we took them out to eat at Anthony's in Des Moines. We had a water view and boy was it pretty watching the sunset. This picture below was one of my favorite pictures by far. I am a daddy's girl and to see my daughter have a great relationship with him too is so special. I will cherish this picture forever. This girl loves her PawPaw. 

Mom wanted to go to Gig Harbor again, but we decided to try something new. We took the Ferry at Point Defiance and we headed to Vashon Island to look around. I had never been so this was truly an adventure. I didn't have a map, just GPS in case we needed help. We checked out the lighthouse there and then had lunch at the Hardware Store before heading home. What a beautiful day... The kiddo enjoyed time at the beach with her PawPaw and then we headed home. 

Momma cooked her famous spaghetti and we had my ex and his wife and baby come to dinner and to visit. They were picking the kiddo up so she could hang with them this week. (If she isn't with them or at the 2 camps we have planned, she is at my work all day long. NO FUN for her...) So, they had dinner and we all visited before we brought my parents back to the hotel and they left. 

All and all it was a fabulous vacation with my parents. I wish I was able to relax more on my 10 days off work, but I had to work some as well and it was a little stressful... 

BUT, boy do I miss them already! So much...

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A special weekend is in the books...

Back in February we were going to take the girls to Ocean Shores. Our area had a snow storm roll through and it left the roads questionable. So, together with our friends who were going with us, we decided to stay back. We did have some fun in town, but it wasn't the same.

We decided to surprise the girls with a trip to the ocean this past weekend. We left Friday around 11:30 and made our way down there by 6. We stopped a few places along the way. One of my favorite places was a Star Wars Store we found. It was so neat.

We had dinner out on Friday night and then enjoy the heated pool for an hour or so before heading back to our room to end our night.

Saturday was a rainy day, so we did some shopping, swimming, game playing and had dinner out. I was told by the kids it was the best day ever! I mean, we were on vacation so ice cream before lunch was okay right? It was definitely a great weekend of relaxing and spending time with my family. I am so blessed and I just love them so much!

Sunday we packed up and headed home and it was back to the grind like normal.

3 more work days and then I am off until July 17th. I am so ready and I can't wait. My parents get here July 12th.