Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Surgery for my baby girl...

My life as a mother has definitely been the best years of my life. I never expected to love something so much or to worry about someone as much as I worry about  my little 7 year old. The years have flown by so far and I want her to stay little forever, but that will never happen.

She is having her first surgery next Tuesday at 1 pm. I am a nervous wreck about the whole process, but it is what is needed for her and I am ready to get it over with. It will be oral surgery, but they still have to put her to sleep to do the work.

She has an extra tooth on her top and it is preventing her 2nd permanent tooth from coming out. It is snuggled up into the 1st permanent tooth that is already out, but because of its location the 2nd one can't come out until it is gone. So, they will put her to sleep and then remove the extra tooth. In order to do that they have to remove some of the bone to get it out. Then they will remove her baby tooth that is there to make room for the 2nd permanent tooth to come out. They will sew her up and she will be done. They will spend some time waking her up and then I will be able to see her. I am going to be a nervous wreck for the 2 hours before I can see her again, but I have faith in the team that will be doing the work.

She will be home from school for 2 days and then if the pain is not as bad she will go back to school on Thursday. Her 1st permanent tooth could be loose for 2 weeks while that bone grows back, but we will have to just watch what she eats and make sure she eats with her back teeth and not her front. After 2 months she will be healed completely. They say after a month she won't notice anything anymore, so I am praying for a quick healing process...

She has had a broken wrist on her right, a fractured wrist on her left and a fractured finger. I can handle the broken bones, but the surgeries are a different story....

If you are a prayer, we could definitely use some prayers during this time...


  1. You got prayers coming your way, honey - oh bless you! I well remember the fear when my l'il boy went in for dental treatment under anaesthetic ((( hugs ))) he's a strapping great 24 year old now and doesn't remember it, but I do! Wishing your little girl a very safe procedure and a speedy recovery xx

  2. Thanks Callie. I really do appreciate your prayers. Its so funny... the things we remember and go through and the things they will never remember... I keep a journal for her that she will know all that I have gone through during her life, but she won't know exactly until she is a momma. :)

  3. I am sending all my positive energy your way. Wishing all the best for your sweet little girl.