Saturday, April 25, 2015



If you have never been on the site/app... it is a website/app where you go and you type in ANYTHING you are interested in. For example, I type in crockpot meals. It will bring up all kinds of ideas for crockpot meals. You pin the post to your board and then you look at it later when you have time.

It is how I find so many freezer meals and weight watcher meals to cook. I pin it when I am bored and need to pass time and then when I am ready to write down the recipe I go pull it up and write it down.

They have anything and everything.

The other day, I had to laugh... I was talking to my husband about it and he said that they wouldn't have RC drift cars on there. I should have made a little bet with him, because I knew they did. I said, oh yea... I pulled out my phone and searched and showed him all the different things that pulled up with that search. He was amazed.

I have so many ideas for card making, scrapbooking, sewing, crocheting, etc that I am super excited to put some of those ideas into play down the road...

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