Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Something you are passionate about...

This would definitely be MOPS.

MOPS stands for mothers of preschoolers. It is from kids from birth through kindergarten. The group gets together as women and we support, encourage and just be there for each other as we go through the struggles of being a mother, wife, friend, daughter, etc. My favorite motto of MOPS is = NO MOM ALONE!

I found this group in 2011 when my husband brought me to his church at Overcomer Covenant Church. Shortly after attending church I fell in love with all things OCC. In February of that year I heard of MOPS and my daughter at the time was 3 so I was like this sounds awesome. I went to my first meeting and LOVED it. I quickly joined and my life has forever been changed. In 2013 I joined for my first leadership role as being a table leader. I would have my own table filled with awesome ladies who would need love and I was the one that would be giving it to them. I would give them all their news they needed and just make sure they knew all the dates coming up and all the fun things to do with our group. In 2014 I was asked to be the new co-coordinator for the group. After much praying I decided to take the role. It has been an amazing experience and definitely one that I will never forget. It has grown me as a person in so many ways. I love my MOPS group and my MOPS ladies and will always be a part of MOPS in some way... at the end of last year I was suppose to graduate out of MOPS due to C graduating from kindergarten, but they grandfathered me in by being the co-coordinator.

Unfortunately due to my recent health issues that I have going on, I am going to walk away from the position of co-coordinator and that means no more MOPS groups for me, unless I want to find a MOPS next group somewhere else. Not being at my church will be different, but that will be down the road. I need to walk away from as much stress as I can and this is by far my biggest stressors right now in my life. I know that God will place someone amazing to step up and take my place for next year. I have been praying about it and I know the other leaders have been as well! I will forever be grateful to my MOPS group and I am not gone forever. There are many different roles I can take on down the road once I have had some time to heal and get healthier... I am not gone for good :)

If you are interested in this group, I highly recommend it. Remember it is run by mothers and sometimes things don't go as planned or perfectly, but being together for that time together is worth it. Also... there is childcare :) Our group has free childcare, but other groups might charge a small fee... If you are interested please let me know. I know any group would love to have you!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

What are you passionate about?


  1. I've been looking into local MOPS groups, but as for me, I'm passionate about my yoga practice (at least for now). It has helped me focus and be less stressed, so I love it.

  2. I think Yoga is a great thing to get passionate about. I am planning on starting that soon. I am currently working on losing weight and I feel that will help me in more ways than one. That is awesome. Definitely do what you LOVE!