Sunday, March 1, 2015

Scariest Mom Moment Part 4

My heart always drops when I get a call from C's school. I know it means something happened and I need to go get her, but for the first few seconds my heart stops.

This time C smashed her fingers in a door. I was confused for a second on why I would have to come get her. Put some ice on it and call it good. Apparently it was hurting her so bad she wouldn't stop crying.

I drove to school to pick her up and in her face I could see it... she broke her finger. They said that it probably is just bruised, but a momma knows her child's face and her cries. I called her doctor and they had an opening so we headed in. We went to see the doctor and then went to get her hand x-rayed. She had a hair line fracture in her finger. It wasn't bad enough that we needed to put a cast on or to wrap her fingers. He bandaged them up and we were off. She tore part of her skin off so you could see her nail exposed under the skin. It was definitely not pretty.

It naturally healed on its own in a few weeks.

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