Thursday, March 12, 2015

A letter to my mother in law...

My mother in law speaks Spanish only. My goal is to learn Spanish so one day I can have a conversation with her. 

Dear sweet mother in law...

Over 38 years ago you brought my loving husband into the world and on that day God knew that he would bring him into my life. God knew that our paths would cross when the time was right. I thank you every day for this gem that I get to call my husband. He is an amazing man and our lives have been blessed by him being in it. He is such a loving and caring man and he loves our family so much! He is a hard worker and for that I thank you! He talks about how hard you worked as they were growing up and I see that he gets that hard work mentality from you! He does what he has to for his family and he wants to give us everything we need and want.

I appreciate you and I have never met you. I love you and I have never talked to you! Thank you for blessing me with the most amazing gift... You had him, but God placed him in my life. I dream of the day that we get to sit and have a conversation together! 

I pray for good health and love over the year and until the day we can sit and visit, take care dear mother in law!

Love your daughter in law... 

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