Friday, February 27, 2015

Scariest Mom Moment Part 2

This by far was one of the scariest mom moment so far in my adventure as a mother!

We were at my friends house and we were having dinner. C was currently in preschool. 6 weeks after she was born my best friend decided she would watch her for me while I went to work. She stayed home with her son, and she made some money watching C, so it was just a win win for us both. I was super comfortable with that decision and she loved C. So, she was grew up going up and down the stairs at her aunts house.

Well, this day was an off day for her, because she lost her footing and tumbled down her aunts stairs. Her uncle and I were watching this happen in slow motion as we both tried to get to her before she hit the bottom of the stairs but that didn't happen. She landed at the bottom catching her self with her right arm and then constant tears. It was a hard fall so I knew she was in pain.

She moved it a little here and there over the course of the evening and then the next morning she woke up crying and said it hurt so much. I ended up taking her in to her doctor who sent us down to get an x-ray. We did that and then we were back in the waiting room. Minutes went by and at that moment it felt like hours waiting. Her doctor came in and said that she did have a broken wrist and she needed to go get a cast. We were then sent to a place down in Tacoma by the hospital to get her cast.

We got there and waited and then we were brought back. They did another x-ray because the one they did at Auburn wasn't sent over like it was suppose to. They then proceeded to get the stuff set up for her to get her cast. She chose a hot pink cast which was an awesome choice. She was such a brave little girl throughout the whole process... it was the longest 6 weeks of our life, but she did so well with it...

What an experience in our lives and she was only 4...

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