Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My husband is awesome because...

He has loved me unconditionally since the day we met. We might not always get along and we argue here and there, but that man loves me more than I have ever experienced before. He is a hard worker who does what he has to do for his family... The girls and I are his top priority and he makes sure he works hard to get the bills paid and get money that we need for them.

I love that he likes to do his own hobbies and always wonders why I let him do his own things. I love that he has hobbies and I love watching his excitement as he does them. I love listening to him talk about our future and the things he wants to do together as we grow older. I love sitting with him and listening to him talk about what he wants to do with this and with that. He loves helping others and that love for helping others makes me love him more. I love talking about our future watching our daughters grow up and I love making plans with him to go on family trips and to go on couples trips and going on trips just the 2 of us.

He compliments me all the time and he always makes me feel loved. When we are not at work we are always together and doing something. We love to just relax and watch our shows or watch movies. We love spending time with our girls when they are with us. I love his desire to please me and make me happy. It is what keeps our love alive and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with this man. He is the love of my life and I love him so much! He has changed my life for the better and I thank God daily for bringing this amazing man into my life! God sure knew what he was doing and our lives have been blessed so much because of HIM!

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