Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hardest struggle so far...

By far my hardest struggle in my life is my weight. I have never been the skinniest person and I never will be. I like having some meat on my bones, but after so many things in my life I have gained weight that needs to come off. I have tried so many things to get this down to where I would like to be but I haven't stuck with anything...

I have tried diet pills, HCG, a personal trainer and all worked for a short time, but nothing stuck with me. I think weight watchers was the one that worked the best because I got results daily if not every other day... the personal trainer I did for 7 months, but after no weight loss I was done. I was told you are losing inches so that's great... but my goal was to lose weight. If I can't do your programs without losing any weight and only inches, it is not a good fit for me. When I did the HCG injections it worked wonders... I lost over 50 lbs and loved it... but I should have stopped there and started weight watchers to finish off my weight loss goal and I would be almost there. But instead I didn't and I went right back to eating the way I did before.

It is a life changing thing that needs to happen to keep the weight off... our family is going to go through that this year in 2015. I am back on weight watchers and working out more and together we will all get in the shape we all need to be in. This has been my biggest struggle in my life and I am ready to get healthier and hopefully with losing weight my health issues will slow down and be gone for a while!

For those struggling, just now that you are not alone! 

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