Tuesday, November 25, 2014

INTERESTING facts from our Road trip...

Here are a few things I found was interesting on our road trip:

  • You are not allowed to pump your own gas in Oregon. This I find really interesting. 
  • Motorcycles pass in between cars in Portland.
  • There are trees covered in MOSS everywhere in Oregon. They are so interesting and creepy looking, but very COOL!
  • NO ONE USES blinkers in California. It is the most frustrating thing and so weird no one does it. 
  • The lines at the drive thru In N Out were absolutely insane. There was always 10 cars in line waiting each time we went which was twice and every time we passed they were packed. So, crazy.
  • You are not allowed to bring fruit into California. They have a check point to see if you have any fruit in your car. If you don't, you are allowed to keep going.
  • There are SO many fruit trees in California... so MANY. I saw my first Olive tree and Blueberry tree. They were so cool!
  • The speed limit in California is enforced by aircraft. 
  • The amount of bridges in Portland and California are crazy. 
  • Round trip: 783 miles was our round trip mileage.

Road Trip with my husband

His brother was getting married and he asked him to be his best man... How exciting and fun! He lives in Sacramento, California. Flying was out of the question due to how much the tickets were for us to both fly down there. So, we decided to drive! And we started planning and saving for our road trip to California. 

I was pretty excited because I have never ventured out of the state of Washington, so it was a chance for me to see some new places and enjoy the time in the car with my husband.

The day before arrives and we spend the evening packing our bags and getting ready to leave. Our goal was to leave at 5 in the morning... we ended up leaving at 5:45 so not too much later, but at 5:45 we were on the road and headed to Sacramento. 

It was definitely an experience and one that I will never forget. I enjoyed spending the quality time with him as we listened to music, talked for hours about different things, made it through the stressed of our trip... 

We were coming through the Mountain Pass when his car started getting cold. He did a few things to it and we were on the road again... a little bit later we ended up stopping at a gas station to get something to help the car get us to an auto parts store. He thought his thermostat was going out. We finally made it to Yreka, California and we stopped at a NAPA store. We bought the new Thermostat and he was able to borrow tools from the guys in NAPA which was awesome and saved us money. He had a really hard time getting to the part. He spent close to an hour trying to get the old part out to install the new one. A man came to the store to buy something. On his way to his truck he stopped and asked if he needed help. This STRANGER helped him take the part out and install the new part. He also stayed around to make sure it started okay before he left. We offered to pay him, but he wouldn't take anything. His reply was, "I hope one day if my girls are stranded someone will be nice enough to help them, like I am helping you?" This man was sent from God and he is truly our lifesaver of this trip. I will never forget his generosity!

We were delayed 2 hours, but we were on the road again... we got to Sacramento around 7. 15 hours in the car was a bit much, but we had an adventure and even with the stress we did it together and enjoyed each other. We headed straight to the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. We ate dinner and headed back to our brothers house where we slept for the next few nights. We went to sleep and then woke up the next day and started our running around. 

We had to go to a few stores and get the things we needed for the wedding and then we had to go to the TUX shop so he could try on his tux and make sure everything was good and then we picked up the other tuxes that needed to be picked up. We headed back to the house and got ready. We headed to the wedding location around 2. 

It was a beautiful location. They got married outside and it was decorated very beautifully with flowers... it was a small service and it lasted about 30 minutes or so. After that we headed over to the reception hall... we took a few pictures with the family and then the reception was very beautiful. The decorations were just very elegant. All and all it was a beautiful wedding and we were very blessed to be able to share this moment with his brother and his new wife. 

We left the reception hall around 9 and then headed back to the house to unwind and get some sleep before our long drive in the morning. I got all our stuff packed up and ready to put in the car in the morning and we sat down for a little bit before I started falling asleep.... off to bed we went. 

We got up the next day and headed out. The drive was a nice one. It rained off and on and we made great timing. We got to Portland around 7:30 and we ended up staying in a hotel for the night. We wanted to do something for us and it was nice to be able to sleep before we finished the last part of our trip.

We got up the next morning and went to the mall to go shopping. It was a fun time at a new mall... it was 3 stories and they had a skating rink in the middle of the mall. It was definitely an experience for me. We walked around for a few hours and then headed out... we went to a different part of Portland to look at a store and then have lunch and then we were on the road again... 

We got home around 4 and we were so thankful to be home. What a great experience to enter into Oregon and California with my husband. I got to meet his brother and enjoy his wedding and just a great bonding experience for us both. I will never forget our trip!

Monday, November 10, 2014

KIDNEY Infection PAIN is the WORST!

All I can say is Kidney infection pain is the absolute WORST!

I felt this pain for the first time a few months ago when the pain in my back woke me up in the middle of the night with tears running down my face it hurt so bad... That time I went to the ER at 4 in the morning and left around 9 with a kidney infection and urinary tract infection. I got my meds and went home and slept for most of the day. Thank God for my best friend Jenn who took my daughter so I could sleep. 

This time was the same thing.. I woke up at 1 in pain. At 4:30 I was able to get some motrin in and fell asleep at 5 until I woke up at 7 to get ready and head to the urgent care. The ER took way too long last time and its so much money to go there, even with my insurance. I got the kids ready and brought them to Jenn, who offered to watch them while I went. I got to urgent care and I was the first one in line when they opened at 8. I was in and out of there in 40 minutes with my prescription for an antibiotic for my kidney infection, bladder infection and urinary tract infection. She tends to think I have a kidney stone possibly hiding in there that is large enough that it isn't passing and that keeps popping these infections up. I have a follow up appointment next Monday to make sure I am all good. 

Talk about knock me on my butt. The kids came back around 10 yesterday but they were good. They played and watched their movies and shows and really helped me out when needed. Today I have been at work for 4 1/2 hours and its been the longest 4 1/2 hours ever. I am so ready to go home and lay down. I was expecting the meds to kick in sooner than this... 

Praying for quick healing and no kidney stones... 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Most Proud Moment

The moment my daughter was born was one of the most proudest moments of my life... I was her mother and I was going to raise her into this beautiful awesome little lady and I was so proud at that moment...

As life has gone by and my daughter keeps growing, she makes me proud of her every day! I love her more than words can express!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

21 things about ME

  1. I am currently married to the love of my life. Because of him I have become a better person and I am loving and enjoying life to the fullest. He is an amazing man and I am so thankful God put him in my life!
  2. I can say Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Latin... I learned in Mrs. Perkins class at Sulphur High and it was one of my favorite classes of all time. It stuck with me all these years. 
  3. I have 2 beautiful girls in my life... the first one I gave birth to in 2008 and she is the light of my life... the second one God brought into my life when I married my husband and she keeps me laughing... They are both amazing girls and I look forward to watching them grow!
  4. I moved to Washington state when I was 19 and let me tell you, I believe God brought me here for reasons I didn't realize until I grew up. It is my home and I am in love with living here. 
  5. I gave birth to my daughter by emergency c-section... due to her birth I now have 2 scars not just one from that day... I have the c-section scar on my belly, but I also have a scar about the same length as my other scar and that one is from the tape they used to hold the epidural in. Apparently I had a reaction to the tape they used... 
  6. It bugs me extremely when my nails aren't painted... that goes for my fingernails and toes. 
  7. I am a very organized person and things have to be a certain way in my life... I won't go into many details but if you are around me long enough you will see me do things to make sure they are done the way I need them to be... An example is lights being on in the house when people aren't in a room or cabinets or doors being open when they usually are suppose to be shut... I will go around and turn off lights and shut things ALL the time. 
  8. I home state is Louisiana and it is my first love! I was born and raised there and it is never away from my heart. I visit as much as I can and I have taken so much away from that state and shared it with my loved ones up north. 
  9. My relaxing spot where I go to relax and just unwind is my bathroom... I love lighting all my candles and running a hot bath and playing God music, as my daughter calls it. It is one of the most relaxing places I can be... 
  10. I have a birth mark on my left leg right below my knee. It is 1 inch wide and 1 inch in length. I have had it since birth and I have even had doctors tell me I should probably had it removed. No thank you... I was born with it, I will die with it... The only reason I would remove it, is if it cancerous. 
  11. My favorite place to go in Washington state is the Ocean. The sound of the waves, the sand in your toes... it is just break taking!
  12. MY FAVORITE restaurant with my favorite food would be Red Lobster when they have the all you can eat shrimp. 
  13. I love all things craft... Pinterest is amazing for getting ideas for all these crafts I want to do... I love scrapbooking, sewing, etc... 
  14. My favorite drink is diet coke and something I spoil myself with from time to time is hot chocolate. 
  15. I absolutely love music of all kinds... I listen to Christian music the most until Christmas time and then that is all I listen to until after Christmas day!
  16. I have super super super thin hair. 
  17. My favorite candy is Godiva. If it is just something you can get at a grocery store it would be Hershey air chocolate bar :)
  18. My favorite holiday is Christmas...
  19. I love love love watching movies. I love all kinds. 
  20. I am the co-coordinator of our MOPS group and I love MOPS.