Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MOMcon Workshop D

Raising Girls - What our daughters need to hear
By: Alexandra Kuykendall

We are the ones to tell them who they are!
You are the model for them... show them who you are and they will watch you as you go.
So, Be you, BRAVELY!

Girls Brain
- Earlier Hemisphere Development
- More Serotonin
- More Oxytocin
- Higher Sensory Intake

Estrogen - The "she" hormone
- The most influential hormone on a daily basis
- Named intimacy hormone, creates an urge for bonding, nurturing and communication

We don't want to over protect them so they can be ready to go out into the world when the time comes... 

A great book to read is "Cinderella ate my daughter." It is a great book to read and be informed!

Legos helps with skills in science, etc. 

Bratz are spoiled, sexy and six. 

Am I contributing to her growing up too fast with the things we allow now?

We need to preserve their innocence!

Where are our daughters headed? How am I preparing her for that?


We are their number 1 influence!

A great book to read: Captivating: Unveiling the mystery of a woman's soul by Stasi and John Eldredge

1st thing to do...
- Embrace the princess!

2nd thing to do... 
- Help her discover her talents!
Failure is a god thing because it means you are trying new things!

God created you uniquely. Let's discover who He created her to be.

3rd thing to do...
- Encourage her relationship with her dad!
It's crucial. You can't control their relationship. Encourage alone time with the girls separately. 

Our children learn by how we live. 

Compliment them all the time, especially the dad's. 

Limit media use:
- The more stuff she is exposed to the lower her self esteem image becomes

- The dove self-esteem video is powerful
- We can control what's in the house!!!

4th thing to do...
- Remind our daughters who God says they are!

Again... MOM=MODEL

If we don't believe the things about ourselves, how are they suppose to believe us when we say they are beautiful or awesome or great?

10 things our daughters need to hear:

1. She is chose and dearly loved. (Colossians 3:12)

  • The everyday acting towards them!
  • Quit being distracted and LOVE them. Be excited to see them every second of the day. 
2. She is a citizen of Heaven. (Philippians 3:20)
  • To know that we belong to God.
  • We are HIS and will see Him in heaven.
  • Only answer what she is asking. She doesn't need all the answers right now!
3. She is Christ's friend. (John 15:15)
  • We have to help them navigate the drama of their life. 
  • Remind them Christ is their friend. 
  • Practice role playing if there is conflict.
4. She is Forgiven. (Ephesians 1:7)
  • She is abundantly free. 
  • Don't ignore behavior, but let her know she is forgiven. We need to ask for their forgiveness if we mess up also. 
  • We need to teach them about life and forgiveness is a big part of that!
5. God looks at her inner beauty. (1 Peter 3:3-4)
  • What traits do we want to cultivate. 
  • Remind her what God cares about. 
6. She uniquely reflects the creator. (Genesis 1:27)
  • We recognize what is important to her. 
  • Watch our words about them and ourselves. 
  • If your trying to lose weight talk about being healthy and not about being skinny!
  • (Remember they are watching you and being just like you!)
7. She has special gifts and talents. (Romans 12:8)
  • Broaden our ideas. Let them do what they want with full passion. 
8. She is responsible for her actions. (2 Corinthians 5:10)
  • Give them consequences when they mess up.
  • She is not you. She makes her own mistakes.
9. She is part of a family. (Ephesians 2:19)
  • Your church family counts as part of the family as well. 
  • Your community counts too.
10. She is a messenger of Hope. (Mark 16:15)
  • She is a hope bringer.
Challenge: Look over this list and consider:
- What I have a hard time believing about myself... Is there a coalition between the two.

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